Gray Lipstick - NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Stone Fox

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    Gray, matte lipstick corner… how nice? :) ♥

    I got the NYX Christmas calendar in the goodie bag at their event before Christmas which contained 24 mini lipsticks, so wonderful!

    Among other things, I got NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick (adlink) in the shade Stone Fox that I was going to show you today! So I have a mini-variant, if you buy it separately it is much larger.

    Look so nice, waah!

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    Application & coverage
    A layer gives lots of color and works safely on people with less color on the lips, but I need a thick layer or two barrels (where it can dry in between) so that my lips, which are very pink, do not shine through.

    If you have a red, purple or pink lipstick, it does not appear that it is not completely opaque, but it becomes so clear with just gray when the pink shines through.

    I think that the result itself will be much nicer with 1 layer, also the feeling on the lips, but as I said, I need more layers on my lips and then I will instead not be at all fond of the formula. It settles in the creases on my lips and feels dry and damn if I am to be completely honest :)

    I am not very impressed, have tested both 1 layer and 2 layers and think that it crumbles very quickly where the lips rub against each other (much towards the mouth pores but also in the middle of the lips).

    But when I got tired of the feeling on my lips and that it stopped being nice even though I had neither eaten, drunk or even talked to anyone yet, I would remove it with a little makeup remover on a top and then damn it was rock hard haha. It really could not be removed without sabbing the entire base.

    So I had to pull on a new layer again and make the best of the situation :)

    Lipstick on the teeth
    It is also not tooth-friendly at all if you, like me, have teeth that are crooked and protruding. I can get lipstick on this tooth immediately after application with many lipsticks but that it never stops staining during the day, I have never experienced before haha.

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    It didn't matter how many times I brushed my tooth, after a smile it was gray again.

    And this is what it looked like when I smiled after having the lipstick for maybe 10 minutes max. Lies in the lines on the lips, the pink starts to shine through in one corner of the mouth and yes that rowdy tooth also yes;)

    What I DID discover was how extremely beautiful this was as a base under other lipsticks! I did not want to have this completely alone one day as I wrote above and after a failed attempt to wash it off, I painted a dark pink lipstick over (which is also matte but much better formula) and wondered how nice it turned out! A dark purple crappy color, yummy !! :)

    The lipstick I had over is glo Skin Beauty Suede Matte Crayon (Rumor) and as you can see on the top of the lipstick I hold in my hand, it is not at all the color that remained on the lips but a shitty mix with the gray color underneath. And suddenly the whole lips became extremely durable instead!

    Summary - For a comprehensive result, I needed a proper layer and then got an uncomfortable feeling on the lips and very poor durability. But discovered by pure chance that it is a shitty base under other lipsticks! So that combo can be recommended :)

    The low rating would have been even lower if it was not such a positive surprise along with the pink lipstick, now I suddenly think I will use this several times. But the whole thing is still a very low rating for having it as just a nice gray lipstick was basically impossible!

    I want to add that I have not tested the other colors so much nor the full size products, it may be that it differs a bit, it should not do so but I can only talk based on this mini version I have tested .

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    Hugs are!

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