Large toiletry bag for make-up & products (new!)

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    It is difficult to find a large toiletry bag for make-up & products that is at the same time practical, nice and affordable, I think. I have about a billion toiletries at home, but they are all too small!

    But now we have four large toiletry bags in my web shop which is very fun! Each toiletry bag also includes a small toiletry bag with a zipper + a plastic pocket with a button.

    These are not only very cute but also extremely practical, I was actually shocked myself at how extremely flexible they are and how much they actually hold.

    I got a little Mary Poppins feeling haha.

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    I will show everything in this post so you will get to see really properly! :)

    Large toiletry bag

    Why a large toiletry bag?

    I do not use toiletries just for makeup but mostly for skin and hair care products and they are quite large. You know if you are going to the gym or the swimming pool, sleeping away just one night or as simple as storage at home in the bathroom. It is not only when you travel abroad that you need a large toiletry bag.

    And do you know what it usually looks like when I pack for longer trips? 4-5 small toiletries with make-up and tools and then the skin and hair care is in a plastic bag. Very impractical and very unlucky too.

    But from now on I only need one or two depending on what I do! If I were to go away for a week or more, I would probably have had a toiletry bag for skin and hair care and one for make-up;)

    spacious toiletry bag

    Practical in many ways!

    These toiletries are so heavenly practical:

    • Holds a lot
    • Both rubber bands and mesh compartments on the sides for easy sorting inside the bag
    • High toiletry bag for standing products = clear overview
    • Quick drawstring closure
    • Can both stand stably or be hung on a hook, perfect!
    • Includes a smaller toiletry bag with zipper, for e.g. tops, tweezers, nail clippers, hairpins and other small items. Can be attached with a button inside the bag if you wish!
    • Includes an elongated plastic pocket with button, good for gadgets you need to protect extra e.g. a damp toothbrush or use makeup brushes
    • Made of material that stays clean for a long time and is easy to wipe off.
    • Gets flat and takes up minimal space when not in use.

    Is there anything else you are missing as well? :)

    Practical toiletry bag

    Here you see the rubber bands and small compartments on the sides where you can attach products. And that the little toiletry bag can be fastened with a button on the side.

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    Pack toothbrush

    The plastic pocket is perfectly large for a toothbrush. Fresh! Especially if you pack shortly after using it and it is so moist.

    Pack makeup brushes

    The plastic pocket is also good for keeping the make-up brushes fresh, or vice versa, keeping the toiletries protected by dirty make-up brushes! Good if you have used creamy products or type black or glittery eye shadows.

    It felt a bit awkward that I did not have any clean make-up brushes to take pictures (yes I need to wash make-up brushes asap) but since it still fulfilled a purpose for this particular point, I felt it was ok;)

    I use synthetic brushes from Nanshy which are really good and come in many different varieties. In the post All about makeup brushes from Nanshy I go through all the brushes.

    Standing toiletry bag

    Also love that they can both stand or be hung up! Many of my old toiletries are those narrow ones that have to lie down or lean against something.

    I longed for such a large toiletry bag mainly for travel but actually use it now all the time, have one hanging in the bathroom all the time now because I have such a small bathroom cabinet :)

    Spacious toiletry bag

    By big, I do not mean primarily "oh how big" but rather "oh how much it holds!".

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    Of course you have different sizes of your products, but my full size shampoo and conditioner bottles can stand up without problems and it is still possible to close the toilet easily.

    To illustrate more clearly about how much it holds, I have actually filled it with products to show what fits!

    Here are with skin and hair care products:

    toiletry bag for large products

    In the bag:

    • Shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo
    • Facial cleanser, facial oil
    • Deodorant, two toothpastes, toothbrush
    • Nail polish, lash serum

    In the small toilet:

    • Tops, cotton, tampons
    • Eyebrow scissors, tweezers, nail scissors, eyebrow knife, tassels

    This is what it looked like from above:

    High toiletry bag

    Now the little toilet is a bit in the way, but no products stand on top of each other but I have an overview of all as long as I lift out the small toilet!

    It would be possible to kneel even more, but wanted to show what fits on a level that is still smooth and orderly :)

    The hair care I use is from the brand Hårologi. We no longer sell the products for various reasons, but really recommend them! They are silicone-free and based on science about the hair. If you want to read more about silicones in hair care, you can read my previous post Are silicones bad for your hair?

    Enough about that :) This is how the toilet looked closed:

    toiletry bag with drawstring

    So easy to close completely even though it contains a lot!

    To show even more clearly, I have taken the same photo but used it as a make-up bag:

    Make-up bag

    Excuse my dirty make-up stuff;)

    In the bag:

    • Primer, foundation, concealer, pillows, redness relief pillows
    • Fixing mist & glow mist
    • Contouring palette, blush, two eyebrow pencils, brow
    • Both large and small makeup brushes
    • Eyeshadow palette, a black eyeshadow, several eyeliner pencils, mascara
    • Three lipsticks, several lip pencils

    In the small toilet:

    • Tops, tofs
    • Brow scissors, tweezers, whetstone

    This is what it looked like from above:

    Large make-up bag

    So it just kind of got half full. Had room for much more :)

    Note the mesh compartments that hold all the pencils, brow makeup, mascara and lip makeup. LOVE the order !!

    Different patterns

    The toiletry bags are available in four different patterns. Everyone is so nice! :) I actually can not decide which one I like the most but it stands between the navy blue with feathers and the blue with pink flamingos…

    Since they do not take up any space when not in use (it is easy to unfold the bottom of the toiletry bag so it becomes completely flat) I am extremely happy that I myself have all four and do not have to choose;) ♥

    Sweet toiletries

    A white with pink beige flamingos - You can find it in my web shop by clicking here :)

    Floral toiletry bag

    A black with flower bouquets - You can find it in my web shop by clicking here :)

    Flamingo makeup bag

    A blue with pink flamingos - You can find it in my web shop by clicking here :)

    Bohemian toiletry make-up bag

    And a navy blue with feathers - You can find it in my web shop by clicking here :)

    Perfect in our camper van then too! Oh my God what the urge I was to get it done now. Imagine being able to start taking stuff in for the first time "here's my big toiletry bag hanging" iiiiiiiih!

    As I said, you will find all necessities in my webshop here!

    Shout out if you have any questions ♥


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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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