Green eye shadow as a soft eyeliner

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    There are several different make-ups to do with green eye shadow, if you want to see more, try that search here in the blog. :)

    I have chosen not to print a product list in today's posts except for the eye shadow, as much is a blissful mix of any upcoming news in the webshop and homemade samples directly from the factory to my upcoming makeup brand;););) if all goes well.

    But I really like today's look! Super nice matte lipstick, green but discreet eyeliner and check what a good base day I have!

    The eye shadow that I applied as a smoky eyeliner with a wing is the green eye shadow Paese Glam Eyeshadow in shade 206!

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    green eye shadow

    If you would like to see more dark lipsticks in the web shop, you are welcome to shout! I myself love dark, muted colors but they usually do not sell so well - so it is a balance with how much it is worth to stock :)

    green eye shadow with eyeliner

    An eyeliner does not always have to be a real eyeliner, not sharp either for that matter. Eye primer and green eye shadow applied with one narrow brush - it works just as well too!

    step by step eye shadow


    The eye shadow is Paese Glam Eyeshadow in shade 206!

    1. Eye primer
    2. Green eye shadow along the lash line
    3. Fade out a bit + add wing
    4. Fade the entire eyeliner even more
    5. Black mascara on the upper lashes, Magnetic Lash Mascara

    Five steps and you're done with this eye makeup!

    green eyeshadow paese discreet green makeup discreet green eyeliner

    If you have requests for special make-up or need help with a problem area, feel free to contact us, send a comment below. :)

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    Do not forget to test that too search here in the blog.

    Hugs are! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
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