Green eyes - Highlight green eyes with eye shadow

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    Has received some questions about green eyes and what colors emphasize green and how to emphasize green eyes with eye shadow. So now I thought I would explain how to highlight green in the best way and give some extra facts. :)

    How to highlight green eyes?

    Green is best highlighted by using its complementary colors which are purple / purple-pink, have made a whole post about complementary colors that I can recommend.

    Click here to read my post about complementary colors.

    Make-up that highlights green eyes:

    Green eyes - Highlight green eyes with eye shadow

    Here you see a purple make-up that emphasizes green, I have edited my eye color a lot to make it clearer in the picture. :) If you want to see this make-up step by step, you can click here to get to the post.

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    Can also tip about this light purple makeup that also fits well! Click here to get to the post.

    I have also done many other makeups with purple or purple pink. You can look in the tag ”purple makeup”Here on the blog you will find a lot of inspiration! :)

    What hair color highlights green eyes?

    People with green eye color fit well in both cold and warm shades of hair. You wear what you feel most comfortable in. Warmer hair colors such as copper make the green eye color pop a little extra.

    How many have green eyes?

    There are very few in the world with green eye color, only 1-2% of the entire world population. It can be compared to 8% which has blue eyes and the whole 79% which has brown eyes.

    Still, there are many who just ask for make-up and make-up tips for green eyes, which is fun! :)

    How to get green eyes?how to get green eyes table

    Whether it turns green or not depends on the eye color of the parents. How many
    The percentage chance of getting green eyes varies depending on the parents' eye color.

    Has made a small funny picture that demonstrates in percent. The two eyes on the left are the parents' eyes and the three eyes on the right indicate the chance of getting the respective eye color in percent. The numbers are not exact but give a clue. :)

    I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to eye colors! Miska is often told that two people with blue eyes cannot have a child with brown eyes. But that two people with brown eyes can have a child with blue eyes! If we were to have children, 100% would have been blue-eyed.

    I hope this post was helpful to you! Feel free to write a comment if you have any thoughts or if there is something else you have on your mind! :)


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