Green hair?

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    Yesterday I was at the hairdresser (Lynn on Creative Zone, she's cruel!) and got really good autumn hair! But Lynn had to fight really hard to get the hair color nice, and "thanks" to this problem, I got tips and advice that I was going to share with you! :)

    This is because many people have very metal-rich water from their taps, e.g. therefore you should always take cold water from the tap when cooking (even if it is to be boiled) because hot water can dissolve copper from the pipes more than a cold water.

    But when you shower, you use hot water directly from the tap, which means that some households get large amounts of metals in the shower water! These metals dry out the hair, which is not good for anyone, but it can also make the hair green and grayish and I had both of the side effects on my hair. That it is also a little extra difficult to get the color to stick to a bleached hair, it did not make things easier for poor Lynn hehe.

    Here are the tips I got from her:

    Let the water run for a while before jumping into the shower. And if you do not want to be so environmentally unfriendly, you can start by showering your body before your hair, or be so cheeky that you let someone else in the home shower before you haha. Then at least some of the metals have time to drain away instead of ending up in your hair!

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    You can deep clean the hair with special shampoos, or go to a salon that cleanses the hair to get rid of the metals and / or the green tone that may have arisen. But a cheap home remedy is ascorbic acid and water! About 3 tablespoons in a liter of water that you pour over your hair and let it work for a while. Vitamin C in ascorbic acid (if I understood correctly) will pull all the metals out of the hair strands. This in itself can also be dehydrating for the hair and should not be done more often than necessary, but absolutely every time before a visit to the hairdresser I would recommend! And if you have the opportunity to shower with someone who does not have as much metal in the water (a newer household for example), it can be recommended to do this treatment there if you want as metal-free hair as possible before the hairdresser visit.

    3. Red neutralizes green, so a redder hair color will make the green appear less. However, it will also be more difficult to keep a red hair color equally red, as green and red neutralize each other.

    hair color

    Offers a before and after picture of my new hair! :) More pictures are available at!

    It may not be so much visible in the pre-image that the hair changes to green, but in some light (especially I have noticed it in pictures) it becomes a gray-green tone, and even Lynn said that she saw some green-toned curls when she lifted on hair and looked around.

    Hope you got a little wiser! :)

    Hug, Helena

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