Hair Removal Face with Eyebrow Knife (Guide)

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    Do you have unwanted hair growth on your face? Or like me a lot of little fools who are a little half unwanted just? :) Here comes a guide for facial hair removal with eyebrow knife / eyebrow knife / eyebrow razor. Dear child has many names!

    Can you shave your face? Can you use an eyebrow knife in the face? Do you get darker hairs by shaving? Is it a big no no to shave your face or not?

    That men with coarse hair growth shave their faces is not strange, but for others this is actually a watershed. Many people have opinions about whether it is a big no no or whether it is okay.

    What do I think about facial hair removal by shaving? I admit that I'm one of those people who shaves my face with an eyebrow knife - and I love it! Easy way to remove blemishes on the face or shave off unwanted hair growth at home :)

    But there are pros and cons that are good to know about!

    Facial hair removal - Guide to shaving the face

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    A folding brow knife is the best in my opinion (more on that below). For example, the knife BrowGame Cosmetics Eyebrow Shaping Knife Foldable (adlink) which I can really recommend!

    Why remove facial hair with an eyebrow knife?

    For me, 0% is about looks actually, I have never disliked my fjun. On the contrary, I can think that it looks very cute, especially on others who have even more fun :) It is charming!

    The biggest reason is that I have to (do not have to, but you get the idea) to remove the straws from my upper lip because I have tattooed my lips outside of my natural shape. Enlarged the shape then. So if I do not remove the hair on the upper lip, I simply have hairy lips. ;) I usually pick with tweezers as well but keep up with the brow knife every now and then.

    Then I started again on straight larger areas and now I do hair removal all over my face with an eyebrow knife. It's so nice!

    Benefits of facial hair removal:

    Many people experience that the make-up fits better if you remove the hair on the face, because there are no hairs in the way but you put the make-up directly on the skin. Perfect if you, like me, use large amounts of powder as well, nothing that gets stuck in the furnace.

    You get a nice luster too! A layer of fun gives a matte impression.

    Quite honestly, though, that's not why I shave my whole face with an eyebrow knife. I was just sitting and thinking about this .. Why am I shaving my whole face? Because it is  so heavenly satisfying  ! Lol! When you pull with the eyebrow knife and only small dust rats fall off the fluff and land on the cat you have in your arms. And afterwards you are completely smooth in the face. I LOVE IT!

    For me, hair removal is not a "must as I do on the go" but I do it when I have my own time. I drink tea, pluck my eyebrows, file and paint my nails, dye my lashes and then shave my face. Mostly as self-care in other words, I take care of myself.

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    It did not look so good in the picture so I gathered a small fluffy rat on the cheek to show. I do not have much grin on my face, I think, but when you shave you realize how much it actually is!

    How to shave your face?

    1. Clean the face
    2. Disinfect the eyebrow knife
    3. Be very light on the hand, use a sharp eyebrow knife, gently pull with short strokes over the area.
    4. Finish with a face oil or day cream.

    I who have a sharp eyebrow knife and not a lot of hair growth usually do not need to use any soothing products afterwards. But you can definitely do that if you feel it is needed. A soothing face mask perhaps!

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    Disadvantages of eyebrow knife in the face:

    Doing facial hair removal with an eyebrow knife is not the best method for you who have coarse hair growth or super sensitive skin.

    I have very thin straws so I never experience that it is stubble when it grows out. Even though the straw is "cut", it is still so thin and soft that it does not feel. But if you have a little coarser straw, you will get a rough stubble feeling. This is because if the straw grows out naturally, it has a tapered top, but when you shave, you cut off that top and therefore get a cut-off top that gives this stubble feeling.

    It can "wear" a little on the skin. Just like when you shave your legs, the razor blade has a certain strain on the skin and since the skin on the face is more sensitive than the skin on the legs, you should be careful. If you have sensitive skin, very dry areas, a lot of acne, etc., I do not recommend shaving in these areas.

    Irritated skin after shaving

    Even though I do not have sensitive skin, I once learned the hard way that enzyme peeling after shaving your face is not a good idea. If you want to use deep cleansing products, do so in such cases before :)

    Apart from the incident with my enzyme peel, shaving with an eyebrow knife has never affected my skin. This is probably also because an eyebrow knife does not shave as close to the skin as a regular razor. So I never get razor fins or inward-facing hairs. Not once and I have still done facial hair removal with an eyebrow knife for several years now.

    On the other hand, when I thread or use epistick in large areas, then I get lots of red rashes 2-3 days afterwards that remain for about a week. My skin is simply too sensitive for that.

    Best eyebrow knife

    The best brow bend is the best in my opinion is one that is 1. sharp and 2. that stays sharp because it is foldable which means that the blade is always protected.

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    Before, I used a regular eyebrow knife (with plastic protection on, which you lose after two weeks) and was therefore so used to using a dull eyebrow knife. It does not matter if you test a new one, it gets dull right away anyway.

    So when I tested a folding eyebrow knife, at first I did not really like it at all. I was so used to having to "take in" and be harsh with the whetstone for the enemy to disappear! So when I did the same with my foldable brow knife, I actually cut myself and then the skin flaking all over the area. How sick?

    Not only hair removal but skin removal too haha.

    Then when it struck me that the fault lay in my old eyebrow knife, not the new one, and that the solution was as simple as being light on the hand! Then I realized that this brow knife is amazing! And that I had not been very kind to the skin but my dull eyebrow knife before. Usch haha.

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    There are several different folding brow knives. In the picture you see a variant but another favorite that is great is BrowGame Cosmetics Eyebrow Shaping Knife Foldable (adlink) which stays sharp and good precisely because it is foldable.

    BrowGame is a really good brand overall, I have both tweezers and a makeup mirror from BrowGame that I use almost daily! Love it!

    Darker hair by shaving is a myth

    That you cut off the hair above the skin surface is not something that the hair follicle notices. It's like going to the hairdresser and cutting your hair, it will not affect the hair that grows out of the root. So shaving with an eyebrow knife does not give darker or coarser hairs.

    If your hair gets darker or coarser, it is due to age or hormones. I have always had blonde hair on my legs but they are getting darker and darker now. However, it has nothing to do with shaving.

    Same with hair removal creams, they only remove the strands superficially and not from the hair follicles. So it does not give you darker hair either, but your hair growth will be just like before. You can be completely calm :)

    On the other hand, if you pick / wax / thread / epilate - all hair removal where you pull the straw from the root, then can the hair follicles are affected in a way that causes the hair type to change. On the other hand, you get less and less hair if you pull from the root regularly, so most people get less hair over time. You do not get that effect from shaving.

    I do not know how common it is to get dark hairs from doing hair removal with methods that remove the hair from the root, but I have threaded my face several times and never got darker hair from it. Many people who do it regularly know and experience that they only get less hair.

    Other hair removal methods for unwanted facial hair growth:

    • Threading - Threading the face means that you pull the straws from the root, but unlike waxing, you only fish up the straws instead of tearing the entire skin. The most common is to do this at the salon.
    • Thread epilator - I can HOTLY recommend Trudy of Sweden Thread Pilator (adlink) as you see in the picture above! It works like threading, but you do it on your own! It is a bit difficult on the upper lip I think because the nose is in the way (but probably goes well with a little practice) but crazy effective in the rest of the face. Both on small fjun and on thicker straws (answer yes I have tested on both legs and Fiffi for educational purposes and rafsrafsrafs said it so I was hairless, haha). Positively surprised by this!
    • Epilator - It is possible to use an epilator on the face as well! However, it can be difficult to get hold of the smallest blemishes, which means that it is not as effective if you want to remove all hair on the face. I have not tested this myself but have heard a lot Braun FaceSpa Pro 912 (adlink) which is an epilator made for the face!
    • Epistick - Facial hair removal with epistax uses the same principle as when threading. I do it on myself sometimes but it takes longer so it doesn't happen that often. For example Sensi Spring Tweezer (adlink). It can be difficult at first, but then you get the right technology!
    • Waxing - Waxing the face can be done at home or in a salon, if you have very small blemishes on the face, it can be an effective method. However, have never tried it myself. Threading is more gentle on the skin as it fishes up the hair shaft, instead of tearing the skin.
    • Shaver - Shavers work on both coarse straws and thin straws. There are lots of different ones, some are better than others to get rid of even the smallest bugs.
    • Razor - Works in the same way as an eyebrow knife but a little more hardcore and shaves closer to the skin. Greater risk of shaving fins I would think.
    • Laser - To permanently remove facial hair, you can book an appointment for an IPL laser. However, it does not work on hair but only on dark hairs.
    • Cream - There are various creams for hair removal on the face. However, have not tested these so nothing I can recommend.

    If you who read any more tips, you are very welcome to comment on it! :) I myself usually combine eyebrow knife and tweezers. Sometimes epistick as I said, but mostly because it's fun haha.

    straight face woman, girl, hair removal face, brow knife, eyebrow knife, frown, fuzzy cheeks, makeup durability

    Abstract hair removal face with eyebrow knife

    Eyebrow knife is a quick, easy, inexpensive and relatively gentle way to do facial hair removal!

    The answers to the two most common questions are: No you will not get dark or coarse hairs from it. Yes, you can get a stubble feeling if you have coarser straws than me, but if you have as soft and thin hairs as me, you do not get stubble.

    The purpose is that the make-up lasts better, the skin gets a nice glow and it is incredibly nice to do it too, as self-care! :)

    Shout out if you have any questions! ♥

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