Durable eye makeup

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    I constantly nag you about eye shadow primer, it feels like, but it's the most important product I have in my make-up bag and I never do make-up without it, so it's worth mentioning again!

    eye shadow spiers

    An eyeshadow primer has several positive properties:
    * Makes the eye shadows adhere better, so you avoid eye shadow crumbs under the eyes when you put on make-up.
    * Makes it easier to use several eye shadows and fade the colors into each other.
    * Makes eye shadows more pigmented and colorful.
    * Do the eye makeup very more durable, you can even train and the eye shadows will still sit completely flawlessly on the eyelids.

    Even expensive and extremely pigment-rich eye shadows need eye shadow primer in my opinion, because no matter how good the make-up is, it is boring if it does not last long. Most eyelids are as oily / oily as the T-zone, and when you blink all the time + is oily, the make-up will eventually only lie in the creases of the eyelid as two lines.

    And if you have a good eye shadow primer, you can also indulge in lots of cheap eye shadows if you want, and they will still be nice and durable!

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    My favorite primer is Bra Cosmetics Eye Primer like right now available to buy at Byher.se for just 59 kronor!

    I have a sale on it because I do not like my seller and will therefore stop selling this brand to avoid hassle when I buy home stuff. So now I rent out these primers and when they are finished in the shop, they will not come in again. Unfortunately. I hope I find an equally good primer soon, I have several on g that I will test!

    The primer is a waterproof eye primer that makes the eye shadows withstand much more moisture than with other primers. And the difference from not using primer at all is huge, but primer disappears the shadows almost immediately upon contact with water.

    The texture is thin, liquid, smooth and easy to apply - not at all sticky or sticky!


    I did an extreme durability test on my hand, you can see the result above! If you rub even more on BH Cosmetics, it will also be erased, but it requires much more than the other brands and you will in principle never expose your eyes to so much stress.

    I have received three nice reviews on Byher.se as well:

    review bra cosmetics eye primer

    So take the opportunity to shop now before they are completely finished! You will find all sale products on Byher.se here!

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