Hair vinegar for shinier hair

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    I just went to to copy a link to the product I will tell you about today, and what do I see on the front page, that they have an offer on it right now! :)

    In Yves Rocher's Christmas calendar, I got one hair vinegar* in one of the shutters, and has used it every shower since:


    A sweet bottle containing 150 ml.

    What are the characteristics of hair vinegar?
    Lime residues in the water make the hair dull and dull, and this product contains raspberry vinegar, which with its low pH value is often used to remove calcium residues from the hair and add new shine. The raspberries in the vinegar come from organic farms.

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    The hair will then be clean and shiny :)

    Shower your hair as usual with shampoo and conditioner and rinse your hair. But before you rinse one last time, pour in hair vinegar all over the hair. It does not say anything about letting it work, but I usually let it sit for a while, at least I feel better mentally. Then just rinse out!

    It is not directly super easy to apply, because you do not see in the shower exactly where you pour in the hair, how much you pour and if there is vinegar in the entire hair. Read reviews of the product on the website and there was a quirky customer who poured it into a spray bottle instead, it was smart :)

    And I would also like a larger bottle, it is enough for about 6 washes for me (I think, not finished yet but it decreases a lot every time).


    My first thought was “vinegar, no fy so disgustingt ”but there is no better hair product than this, pure rama raspberry dream! Berry and sweet. I could use it just for the sake of the scent too haha.

    The hair should first and foremost be shiny from this product, it is not something I see very much of but I always have so many other products in it that it is difficult to judge. But even though I do not think it looks glossy, it is still less dull, which I think is great! :)

    The hair also feels incredibly soft, smooth and even clean, and looks very nice. The whole hair as a whole looks much nicer I must say!

    I usually use ascorbic acid sometimes to clean my hair from metals and things that come from the water, but then the hair can feel a little dry, this might be a good complement!

    And as I said, Yves Rocher right now has a promotional price on this, words. price is 99: - but now it costs 59: - so it is almost half the price :)

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    Available to buy online at*!


    Two thumbs up in other words! ♥

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    1. Like the previous comment, apple cider vinegar also works very well and is cheaper. Mix 9 parts water + 1 part vinegar and pour over, DO NOT RINSE later. Great for restoring the pH balance of the scalp and giving shiny hair. The smell disappears when the hair dries.

    2. I have used apple wine vinegar, super cheap! Mix it and water and spray in the hair after the shower. It does not smell very good, but when the hair has dried, the smell disappears. You get shiny hair and if you have oily scalp, it helps against that as well.

      // hug from sweet!

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