Helen Torsgården lifts Magnetic Lash!

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    Did you know that Helen Torsgården blogged about my favorite mascara Magnetic Lash already in 2014, and wrote that it is the best fiber mascara she has tested! It's always fun with positive reviews, but not least from people who have put hundreds of different mascara brands to the test :)

    Most fiber mascaras have the fibers mixed directly into the sleeve, but with Magnetic Lash they are in a sleeve on the side so you can use as little / much / often / rarely as you want, so good!

    I personally am madly in love with the mascara itself and use it almost constantly, even without fibers as it is so heavenly good. Does not crumble, does not smudge (even if you, like me, have very oily skin) and is also water resistant so it can withstand both tears and rain while being easy to wash off.

    Jeanette at work is so happy that she has finally found a mascara that fits well even when she has to cycle in the rain in the morning, and thinks that it fits better than many ordinary waterproofs. And Frida who is in Uppsala's student life also uses it regularly and was so happy at Valborg as she was the only one who did not look like a panda at the "champagne gallop" haha :) Really nice to be able to trust her mascara and not have to check yourself in the mirror several times a day.

    Helen Torsgården got these nice lashes:

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    magnetic-lash-mascara-fibers-review-hiilen-makeup-blog-beauty-blog-tests1Screenshot 2016-07-26 19.59.46

    Really fun!

    I must also add that I have never seen such big turns in what is considered an expensive mascara and a cheap mascara, as now when I meet so many people at the salon in Uppsala. Some people think that SEK 249 is juicy for a mascara (me too, even though I think it is worth every penny) but most people are actually shocked by the price and think it is super cheap for such a good mascara :) So different on what reference frames you have.

    In addition, the mascara contains 12 grams, which is a lot for a mascara, almost two mascaras in one if you compare with several other brands, so you get a lot for your money :)

    Magnetic lash is available for purchase Byher.se ♥

    Two big thumbs up simply!

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