Helena likes - gloMinerals LUXE (Foundation, Concealer & Powder)

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    gloMinerals has a LUXE series with basic makeup (have you probably heard of their foundation? Very popular and described!) and I personally do not use it very often because it is not really suitable for us with very oily skin, but I think it is absolutely great for people with normal / dry / mature skin! :)

    The LUXE series is developed for mature, dry and dull skin. Both the concealer and the foundation are incredibly caring and moisturizing, give luster with genuine diamond powders that reflect light and contain spf 18, A, C & E vitamins and green tea extract.

    Now I thought I would show you how nice these products are on the skin, and then chose Frida as a makeup model as her skin is a little more adapted to the products - and she fell completely in love!

    Here you see before and after, what a difference huh?

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    The products are semi-opaque (you can apply a little less than what I have done if you want a less opaque result) and give, as you can see, a nice glow and glow to the skin while removing irregularities in skin tone.

    Here you see the application step by step:

    gloMinerals LUXE Liquid Foundation (shade Natural)
    Apply foundation with fingers or brush. I actually prefer brush and have used on Frida Nanshy Stippling Brush. I then dabble first on the skin with the top of the straws and then sweep over the skin with circular motions, also with the top of the straws. Then you get quite a lot of foundation but still an even and nice result.

    For less coverage, I recommend fingers or Nanshy Flat Foundation Brush which you can easily brush on the cream with. Larger brushes (such as e.g. Nanshy Angled Airbrush) I personally do not think fits this (but it's a matter of taste) as the formula on this foundation is so thin, so most things are absorbed into the brush if you have a brush that is very compact.

    The foundation is very thin and glides on the skin very easily, really great to work with!

    gloMinerals LUXE Bright Concealer (shade High Beam)
    Enlightening concealer that brightens and covers incredibly well, I have used it both under the eyes, as extra coverage on pimples (also works for pigment spots) and a little on the chin and under the eyebrows for illuminating highlighter effect.

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    You brush on the concealer directly from the "pen" and then I usually dab the paint with my fingertip, but you can also use a brush. Quick and easy!

    gloMinerals LUXE Setting Powder
    When you have some lines and creases on the skin, it is always good to use a fixing powder over so that the creams stay in place and do not settle in lines. If you take a thin layer of this foundation and nothing more, you do not necessarily need powder over, but when you apply both foundation and concealer like I did on Frida, I recommend fixing with powder for better durability.

    But with regular powder, you often remove this beautiful luster that the foundation and concealer gives, and you do not want that when you pay money for the products to give just a nice luster.

    Therefore, it is a great idea to supplement with LUXE Setting Powder which is a fixing loose powder that also contains diamond powder and gives radiance to the skin. It's going to be great! Not at all like a highlighter powder that gives more glow to the skin but fixes without removing or adding more glow.

    I love this powder on top of other foundations too, if you want to matte but still not look matte. So good really! Contains 14 grams which is also very much.

    Finished! Look so nice :) Here I have also put some contouring shadow under the cheekbone.

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    And this is what she looked like with the rest of the makeup as well. So I just love the lip color! It is gloMinerals Cream Glaze Crayon (Mimosa), the perfect spring color :)

    Shout out if you have any questions ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hi. Nice make-up and nice Frida. 😃 Remember that I had a question about foundation. My 14.5 year old daughter wanted to try. She took on both a pixi and a Mac. I just wanted her to try and see that they can be / feel different. (We ignored if the shades were wrong right now.) Very quickly it started to sting and red flares flared up. Of course, she washed it off at once. And it also disappeared at once. Went to kicks and was recommended lumene when they said that people with sensitive skin usually do not usually react to that mark. But it became the same thing there. Of course, I have no idea what she reacted to. Do you have any tips / advice on how we should go about finding a foundation that my daughter can use. This is not the most important thing in the world, but it would be fun to hear from me if it is an idea to try another brand. Can mention that she never reacted to "ordinary" dry eye shadows, liquid eyeliner, glue for false eyelashes, mascara. Thanks in advance.

      • It sounds like it's a specific topic she's reacting to, because it flares up right away, and it can be anything but a good idea is to compare the table of contents and check which topics are the same in both, and test a foundation that does not contains it. But my absolute tip is to buy a mineral foundation with pure minerals (for example gloMinerals or Yag Mineral, gloMineral contains a little more caring substances as well but nothing that is common to react to, and Yag Mineral is just minerals so it's like being allergic to stone ). Mineral foundation is very gentle on the skin, quickly applied and it is possible to get both a little coverage and a lot of coverage. Remember to lubricate the skin properly before just because it can sometimes be difficult to attach dry to dry :)

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