Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque (Test & Review)

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    I have received a press sample of products from Dermalogica and the product I was most eager to test directly is their face mask Charcoal Rescue Masque (adlink) with activated carbon!

    Activated carbon removes impurities, old skin cells and sebum from the skin and the face mask is exfoliating and deep cleansing. Just what my skin needs :)

    What is Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque?
    The face mask not only contains activated carbon but is clay-based and contains a lot of caring ingredients:

    • Volcanic ash, Marine clay and Bamboo that removes old skin cells, which gives the skin more radiance
    • Vitamin B3 which soothes the skin and makes it less red
    • Sulfur that has an exfoliating effect
    • AHA acid that increases cell renewal and exfoliates
    • Chilean wild mint that refines the pores and skin structure

    A real detox cure simply!

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    It should suit most skin types and is not just for oily skin, which I think is good as I have oily and impure skin but at the same time sensitive.

    The texture is quite similar to regular clay masks, creamy and just over!

    How is the mask used?
    Start by cleansing the skin. I apply the mask all over my face, but if you have minor problem areas, you can just put it there as well. When you have deep cleansing face masks, I always wash the skin a little extra long with warm water before so that the skin is warm and soft when the mask is applied.

    Then the face mask should work for 7-10 minutes. I do not take time but rinse it off as soon as it dries.

    How often should you use the mask?
    If necessary / max 4 times a week.

    Immediately when you put the mask on the skin, you feel that it is quite active, it kind of irritates a little and you feel that the skin works. The first time I thought it felt more than now when I have used it a few times.

    The mask starts to dry quite quickly. There are dry clay masks and then there are toorrrrrra clay masks and this is the latter haha. The skin gets so tight! Really no mask I put go and walk around and clean the house in but this one I wash off as soon as I can only when it has dried.

    Type all clay masks feel dry and itchy on the skin when they have dried, but this one is out of the ordinary. It almost feels like it has decreased in size and makes the whole skin tighten like a porcelain doll.

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    I have also tried adding serum or a thin oil before just because I hate when the skin feels tight, but I felt no difference. But it should not be on the skin for that long either, so it is not the case that you suffer immediately :)

    The skin looks and feels much cleaner immediately!

    Afterwards I feel that I have to apply a really oily face mask just because the skin feels a little stiff. But after a moisturizing face mask afterwards and then serum, oil and moisturizer, the skin is so clean and so smooth and soft :)

    Summary - The mask keeps its promise, the skin becomes clean and exfoliated! I use it 1-2 times a week. It feels active and becomes tight on the skin as soon as it dries (about 5-10 min) so it is not a mask you snuggle around for a long time just because it is wonderful. There is nothing to complain about, highly recommended!

    It costs SEK 499 and is available at, among other places here (adlink).

    Any of you who have tested this and what do you think? :)

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Used this mask tonight as it was the only one I had available and my skin looked more tired than I could live with. Received it as a sample when ordering other dermalogic products. Took it stupidly enough all over my face and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Rinsed off and saw to my horror that I not only got a shiny clean face but shone like a stoplight too !!! Quickly added Ultra calming serum and a little ultra Calming barrier Cream. Burns like fire in the fejjan and started googling for action, but only seems to find excellence around this mask. Do you have any suggestions on how to soothe the skin after a mishap like this?

      • Wow how boring! The only thing you can do this in retrospect is to have soothing products, which you already do. If you had my bathroom cabinet, I would have lubricated it with Hårologi Multi Treat, it is not made for the face actually but completely magical in areas you need to soothe such as irritated, itchy, burnt skin or eczema. If it gets worse, it can be an allergic reaction and then you need to contact the health center, but it sounds like you are just crazy for sensitive skin for such an active mask. Good luck!

        • Hi, thanks for the reply! I managed with the ultra Calming serum. Greased again as soon as it dried in. Repeated 3-4 times. Before bedtime I put on the Hydrating Mask and in the morning there was nothing red left at all. Now yesterday I changed the mask and put some ultra calming underneath, sprayed a little mist over when it started to tighten in the skin and removed after only 5 minutes. It was almost the same reaction actually but did the same as last time and it went over faster. The skin becomes fantastically nice afterwards but I do not know why I react so strongly right away. If this is too strong for my sensitive skin (probably), which one would you recommend instead that has the same or similar properties? So against stressed dull skin, deep cleansing and exfoliating…

    2. Spray moisture mist on if it feels dry, got tips from my dermatologist at dermalogica. Not good if it tightens too much, she said plus the mist activates the mask.

    3. Thank you for tipping about this mask, will probably invest in it! How long do you think a tube will last?

      Am a little curious about Pixi illuminating… what it was now called as you made a video about recently. But it is so difficult with which shade to order? You really want it to blend in and look neutral.

      • Oh hard to say as I have not used up mine yet + that my sister has used it too hehe. I have used quite a lot every time and then it feels in the packaging that it decreases quite a lot, but I think you get away with a thinner layer as well and then it can certainly last longer.

        Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal blends in very well with the skin tone, so there is not as great a risk of ordering online as regular foundations. It is not available for dark-skinned people, but I would say that if you are very pale in the skin, the lightest is good. If you are light but not "pale", the medium color is good. If you are fair-skinned but a little in the darker direction (eg as my skin tone will be if it turns tanned), the darkest color is good.

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