Helena tests - IsaDora Gel Matt Top Coat

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    My sister Malin loves (as you who have watched our video podcast already know) IsaDora's gel polish! I have not actually put these to the test properly before even though I was hungry, but have now finally done so and really agree with Malin!

    The result is very nice, they dry quickly despite several layers and are incredibly durable. Really thumbs up!

    There are specific gel nail polishes and a top coat to be used for just these and in IsaDora's latest press release I also got the gel top coat IsaDora Gel Matt Top Coat which makes the nails matte.


    This topcoat also gets two thumbs up! I apply two coats of gel-nail polish and then this over, and despite three coats, it dries relatively quickly without being soft for a long time, which is otherwise common in several applications. And the result is matte, even and nice.

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    What I like about the fact that this top coat is just a gel polish is because the result is so even on the nail even if they are not polished, otherwise matte nail polish can easily emphasize the irregularities more than a glossy one, I think.


    On the middle finger I have the glossy topcoat so that you can see the difference better.

    As you can see in the pictures in this post, my nails are not 100% smooth either but you should know what they look like underneath, I really have not taken care of my hands lately (fy ashamed) and they are so worn that it barely can be polished off because then they would be so thin .. So this even result on my nails is really great!

    The shade I have in the pictures is 266 Purple Power, it looks a little more purple in the bottle but I think it goes more in the burgundy direction on the nails for some reason, but still very nice!


    Can you use the matte top coat over other nail polishes as well?
    Answer yes! :) It also works for nail polish that is not gel polish and gets the second mark, which makes me very happy.

    The matte top coat IsaDora Gel Matt Top Coat costs SEK 89, just like the other gel varnishes from IsaDora.

    Any of you who tested? :)

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    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. I have tried isadora's gel polish now and the first time it lasted about a week but after that it does not last even a day. I follow the steps and sit under a normal ceiling lamp by the window to get a lot of light. What do I do wrong, too short drying time?

      • How strange that it is so different. It can be due to several things but I would recommend polishing the nails before, the nail polish always lasts better on a smooth surface. It can also depend on the drying time as you say, the varnish needs to dry properly between applications. But for me it still dries relatively quickly so very long drying time is not needed for me. Alternatively, that you paint for thick layers? It is also important to have completely clean nails before, I usually take a little nail polish remover (always use acetone free) before the nail polish to remove all grease etc from the nail.

        I do not know if this also applies to gel polish that does not harden under the lamp, but I have also heard from a nail therapist that gel polish (the kind that hardens under the lamp) can be bad due to hormones. When I changed the contraceptive, my gel nails came off and she said that it is common if you are pregnant as well. So you have good nails for nail polish one week and then the next week it does not last at all, then maybe it is due to hormones? Note this is just a speculation on my part :)

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