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    I have heard many older people describe a cake mascara, but have never tested it myself, I have probably never even seen a cake mascara until I got home a press sample of IsaDora Build-Up Cake Mascara in October.

    And now I have put it to the test! :)


    What is a cake mascara?
    Cake eyeliner is a more common form nowadays and I have used it a lot, as a black watercolor! You dip the brush in water and mix on the cake until you get a good cream. A cake mascara works in the same way as watercolors.

    Why use cake mascara?
    My best answer to this is that it is a matter of taste, I personally think that it is a bit unnecessarily many steps to have a separate brush that you have to dip in water every time. If you put on make-up in the bathroom, it may be easier to just have the brush under the tap, but for me who does not, you must always have water next to the make-up mirror.

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    Anyway, the very principle of cake mascara is that there 1. will be zero lumps as the formula is water-based and so heavenly thin and 2. it is possible to build on layers on layers and easily decide for yourself how much you want.

    And I also want to strike a blow for the natural and separated result, great result if you want discreet everyday lashes or already have full.

    1. I want to start by recommending bending the eyelashes, I did not do it in these pictures because I wanted to show how it will be without, but with a good eyelash curler I think the result will be really, really good for you who want long and completely separated eyelashes.

    2. Wet the brush, I had a separate spiral brush instead of the one provided, and pull it over the cake.


    3. Apply the mascara on the lashes just like a regular mascara:


    Separated and carbon black eyelashes that become natural and fine.

    Because the mascara dissolves in water, it does not tolerate moisture very well, but it does not smudge or crumble during the day, not even on me with very oily eyelids. So it lasts very well for everyone except people who want a waterproof / water resistant mascara.


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    Here you see the result! Fint va? :)

    img_9551_111 img_9557_111

    When I look up, you see even more why I recommend bending the eyelashes before application, then they become long, separated and very nice!

    Summary - I am very happy with the result, I probably will not use it so much because it feels a little unnecessarily messy to mix with water, but I can not hide under the chair that I am positively surprised and for you who like this type of mascara so I can recommend this!

    It is also affordable - SEK 99 on here and suspects that it will last longer than a regular mascara.

    Have you tried kakmascara? What do you think?

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    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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