LipGlam Beauty Balm (Test & Review)

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    A few weeks ago I received a press release on a lip balm which is a novelty that was launched in Sweden week 42 - now the British brand LipGlam Beauty Balm is also available for purchase here at Nordiska Kompaniet in Gothenburg and online HERE, and it is a "rescue in need" product for winter dry lips :)


    What is LipGlam?
    LipGlam is a 100% natural lip balm that can also be used on other dry areas such as chapped cuticles and elbows.

    Lanolin and wool scent
    The very first thing I thought as soon as I tested the product was "this probably contains the most lanolin" which I first recognized by the texture and color, and then by the smell. Lanolin is woolly fat and tastes nothing and is very mild, but if you sniff it, you actually feel quite clearly that it smells a little sheep. Not so nice I think myself, but you have it in such small areas so you do not walk around and smell sheep :)

    Then I read the press material and saw that the main ingredient is lanolin and the lip balm also contains argan oil. So my first assessment was correct.

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    And lanolin is SUPER GOOD for dry lips! I know this from previous experiences :) It is an ingredient that is good for many things as it retains moisture and is incredibly lubricating.


    Product description:
    - Contains natural lanolin
    - Moisturizes for 8 hours
    - Restores the skin's natural moisture protection
    - 100 % natural ingredients
    - Dermatologically tested
    - Free from parabens
    - Free from dyes and additives
    - Can also be used on cuticles, split ends, dry skin, eyebrows, etc.
    - Made in England

    SEK 99 for a tube that contains 12 ml


    The lip balm comes in a practical tube with a flat and oblique application surface. Easy to print out the last and easy to apply. I also think it is very nice! White and shiny gold text, and a nice screw cap in gold.

    Formula & consistency
    The consistency is very hard, so you really have to take in when you squeeze out the cream and only a small cloth comes out. Which is why it holds up so well on the lips as well. Incredibly good.


    It says on the packaging that you should warm up between your fingers before applying, and you can do that if you apply to slightly larger areas such as hands and elbows. But for the lips, I squeeze out a tiny amount and apply on the lips directly.

    If you take a little, you get a soft lip balm feeling on the lips, and if you apply more, you get a high-gloss result that becomes a little more like a lip gloss! The lip balm melts a little on the skin when it gets hot, hence the shine.

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    Other uses
    I do not like to have the cream on large areas, it says e.g. that you can have it in the hair tops as well, but partly it is difficult to get a large amount out and also they can smell a little too much sheep if you lubricate a lot with it.

    When I lubricate areas other than lips, such as cuticles, I make sure to take a very thin layer because if it becomes too much, it can feel a bit sticky and it does not go into the skin so quickly either.

    An area of use that it also says about but which I have not tested yet is like a brow wax - but I can imagine that it works well actually! A wax that does not dry out and that keeps the straws in place. The question is what happens if you are very hot only .. As I said, I have not tested this but just speculate :)

    A superb lip balm for you who have incredibly dry lips! I who have normal-dry lips, however, think that it is a little too hard to wear everyday, I like more fragrant lip balm that easily glides on the lips. This lip balm is very hard to squeeze out and for my taste it can easily feel like there is too much on the lips.

    And if you are sensitive to the slightest smell of sheep, then maybe you should think a step further before you buy this, but I do not know, maybe it's just me who grew up with sheep who feel this so clearly? :)


    Less luxurious budget option:
    This lip balm does not only contain lanolin and it also comes in a package that is both nice and practical, which is also a value in itself. But I still can not help but tell you about an alternative that is actually even more budget than this if you want to save a few kroner - and it is PureLan that is available at the pharmacy, an ointment that is actually for chapped nipples that many pregnant women use , but it contains 100% lanolin and I kind of notice no difference between that cream and this lip balm. PureLan costs SEK 139 but MEDS has it reduced to SEK 105 and has free shipping. So it's kind of the same price but you get a large tube of 40 ml while the lip balm contains 12 ml. Then maybe the big tube is not something you have in your handbag, but a PureLan at home and a LipGlam in your handbag maybe? :)

    Anyway, can recommend this lip balm for you with really dry lips and is available to buy online HERE for SEK 99.

    Hugs are ♥


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