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    Hello there in the autumn darkness!
    I'm a girl who is completely crazy about makeup… However, I have two problems… I have a hooded eye, and I'm only 14… So I can not really put on makeup as I want to school (like brown smokey eye), and I do not get any make-up that fits / looks good to my eye shape. I've been checking out your blog for a while now and wondering if you could help me with a makeup tutorial? :) that would mean sooooooooooo much !!

    First, do you mean that you do not want to be too made up in school, or that you literally not may? I put on as much make-up as I wanted when I was 14 years old, and you should do that if you want to! :)

    Now to the point.

    I think many of my readers do not know what is meant by hooded eye, so I thought I would start by showing a picture I found on google!

    This is when the skin under the brow bone covers almost the entire eyelid (like a hood, assuming the name "hooded" eye comes from there). So if you look straight ahead, the make-up is not visible.

    There are lots of shortcuts.

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    1. The easiest thing if you want a make-up that really stands out, is so simple that you simply focuses in the places that are always visible, ex. lower lash line or right at the lashes.

    2. Another thing that many do not think about is that no matter how drooping eyelids you have, the make-up is always visible when you flashes and looks in different directions. It is rare to look straight ahead in reality, as one looks at oneself in the mirror.

    3. If you do not have too much "hooded eye", you can cheat one new globlinje. Then you simply put a darker shadow higher up than what the globe line actually sits, which gives the impression that the whole eyelid looks bigger!

    4. You can also try applying a light and shimmery eye shadow on the inside of the eyelid, and a darker one matt eye shadow at the outer edges and also up on the "hood". Then the eye shadow is visible even when you look straight ahead, at the same time as you manipulates the eye shape a little so that it does not look strange.

    I'll definitely fix one brown sooting that may suit you! It comes this weekend when I have time + light to take photos step by step :)

    Hope you understood everything!
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