Autumn fine in the hair at Creative Zone

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    Excuse today's bad update, I have been in Uppsala all morning and after that Malin and I filmed a new video pod - which, however, failed so you can not see it haha. We tested with a new camera but it was cracked. So we'll film about it another day!

    But do you know what I did in Uppsala ?! I got incredibly autumnal hair in Lynn's hair at the hair salon Creative Zone! You are really in safe hands with her and she understands exactly what you mean when you explain what you are looking for. I am super happy :)

    Even though the hair color did not want to stick as it should in my hair (bleached hair that is showered in metallic water every shower is not the easiest hair to dye) she did not give up until both she and I were really happy! There are many good hairdressers, but honest hairdressers I do not know if it is crowded? She said right after the first wash that she did not think it was a good enough shade for me, it was too cold, and even though she had to put on a charcoal she had time to throw in a new color, cut her hair and move up my hair extension, and I was only there for 3 hours in total. Praise to her I say!

    autumn hair color

    This is how nice I am now! Ombré in a more red / coppery shade, nice huh ?? :)

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    I'm really happy, the transition between the hair colors is perfect, the shade is just right dark so that I get the nice autumn effect without feeling like a full brunette, and the reddish color of it is the icing on the cake!

    The red tone in the hair does not really want to appear in the picture, it is a little more red in reality :)

    In addition, we have cut the loose hair to my own length, so now I do not have it as an extension anymore but only as a filling to make the hair thicker. It feels great anyway, the length goes to the middle of the breasts type and it is a reasonable length I think.


    Check out the rice bush in the pre-image haha.

    The loose hair is from Hair Talk as usual :)

    before-and-after hair

    In this pre-image, we have already taken out the hair extensions, so this is how my hair looks without hair extensions.


    Took a quick picture now on the evening twig where you see the red tone a little better :)

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    Nice huh ??

    For you who are looking for a hairdresser in Uppsala - go to Creative Zone! They are a little more expensive than many salons, but you get what you pay for and it is really worth it!

    Hugs are!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Super nice. I wanted to dye myself in this shade, but I made my hair lighter a few weeks ago so it will have to wait.

    2. But ohh how heavenly handsome you became! Fitted you really well! Understand what she means by "difficult to dye" because I have exactly the same problem but she succeeded so well!

    3. But wow so nice! What fun that you started to try a little different color even though you said before that you wanted to stick to the light. You fit super well in this color!

      • Thanks! Yes, I have super difficulty with changes to my hair for some reason, and I easily get stuck in "the same light" just because I know I feel good about it. But I am super happy and happy that I dared! : D

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