Autumn look

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    This is not the best season for a makeup blogger, the light changes every other second so my step by step photos will never be good, in some pictures it does not even look like the same eye shadow anymore so then my tutorials confuse more than help it feels like.

    I have to solve it somehow, have looked at different flashes and lights so I do not have to rely on daylight. But in other words, it is not out of laziness that it has been bad with step-by-step make-up here, rather the opposite I struggle and struggle to get the pictures together but it always ends with me shitting in publishing them completely hehe.

    Today, however, it looks quite evenly gray outside so I will make a new attempt, but as long as I offer yesterday's make-up, which you unfortunately do not get to see step by step, but it is not directly complicated either :)


    It turned out to be a nice autumn look, feels relevant in this rainstorm as it is today :)

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    1. Apply it autumnal eyeshadow Cyclamen Bronze from YAG Mineral on the entire eyelid.
    2. Fade the edges properly with a soft makeup brush.
    Sota med black eye shadow along the lower row of lashes and a little up at the end of the eyelid, Paese Kashmir Matte Black Eyeshadow.
    4. Lighten up gaze with Annika's Favorite Shadow in the corner of the eye and in the middle of the eyelid on top Cyclamen Bronze.
    5. Black eyeliner along the waterline, Paese Linea Automatic Eyeliner.
    6. Black mascara on all lashes, Golden Rose Miracle Lash Mascara.


    Lipstick, Pür Minerals Château de Vine Mineral Lipstick in the shade Smooth Talker.


    IMG_4360_111  IMG_4386_111

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. If you fold a piece of paper like a triangle and set them so that it covers the flash, it should give a warmer image so that you do not look pale, I have heard.

    2. An alternative could be to buy an external flash that you then bounce against a white reflector, a white wall, a white ceiling or buy a diffuser for it. (The larger the diffuser, the softer the light). Or a portable softbox for external flash that provides soft light! This does not cost the shirt which is also good! :)

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