How does brown work without sun?

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    Yesterday was launched Eco by Sonya at - an organic tan without sun with 100% natural ingredients! Read more info about the ingredients and the company in my previous post here if you missed it :)

    Here are some tips on how tan without sun works, and how to use Eco by Sony's tan without sun Invisible Tan in the best way!

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    1. Clean the skin
    Always start with a hot shower and scrub the skin thoroughly so that dead skin cells disappear. Then the burn will be much more durable! Brown without the sun attaches to the dead skin cells, so the skin you scrub off might otherwise have "fallen off" by itself tomorrow, and then taken a lot of the burn with it.

    It is important, however, not to scrub the skin with a scrub that contains a lot of oil, the oil will settle as a layer on the skin and prevent the tan without the sun from entering properly.

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    2. Dry the skin
    It is important not to be damp after the shower, dry the skin properly! And if you apply brown without the sun immediately after, it can be good if you finished the shower with a slightly cooler temperature, so that you are not hot and get a little sweaty after the shower. The skin should be completely dry.

    3. Lubricate the skin with brown without sun
    With many browns without sun, it is usually recommended to lubricate dry areas with a moisturizing cream before, so that the skin does not absorb more cream there and becomes darker than the rest of the skin. However, I do not think you need this with Invisible tan, it will be smooth anyway!

    I always start with feet, legs, stomach, back (feel free to ask for help for the back if possible) and then face, chest, arms and finally the hands. I usually wash my hands thoroughly immediately after (scrub with a nail brush around the nails and palms) and then I apply on only the top of the hands. Then you get a nicer result! By the way, just lubricate yourself as with any skin lotion, take just enough (not too little, not too much) and massage into the skin so that you get lotion everywhere.

    Do not forget between the toes and between the fingers, and also be careful on the neck and at the ears, these are common places to miss.


    Directly after
    Invisible tan smells good and goes into the skin quickly! You do not get snuff dry but feel that you have lubricated yourself, but you are not sticky either and can get dressed almost immediately. However, it is important not to get water on the skin for the first 6 hours!

    I usually lubricate in the evening and go to bed at once, and after 8 hours of sleep you have a brown and nice burn when you wake up, and can shower if you want without the color dropping.

    Maintain the burn
    If you want an even darker result, you can lubricate yourself once the next day! But to just "keep the burn alive", I recommend lubricating about every 3 or 4 days, the dead skin cells disappear a little all the time and thus the burn also becomes brighter and brighter.

    It is also important to also lubricate yourself with regular moisturizing lotion the days after, on a healthy skin, the tan without sun disappears in a more discreet way, otherwise it can disappear unevenly.

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    If you do not lubricate yourself at all, the color is almost gone after a week, for me it takes about 9 days. It's a bit individual because it's about how fast the dead skin cells disappear.

    Common questions:

    Why is the result spotty?
    If you have a good tan without sun, it is usually a matter of missing places when you lubricate yourself, but it can also be due to the fact that you have not scrubbed yourself properly, that you have sweated after the lubrication or that you have used a shower cream that leaves a "membrane" behind. I also think that some people find it easier to become spotty than others, it is unclear why though.


    This is what my hands looked like after an incident with another tan without sun about a year ago haha!

    Can you save a spotty result?
    Sun without sun is quite hard on the skin, but I think it is very effective to take a shower, warm the skin and scrub the stain.

    Does it stain clothes and bedding?
    Sun without sun is not activated on fabric, so if you spill on a garment or similar, it should not turn brown. On the other hand, when you have brown skin cells that come loose the next few days (often in bed where you sweat and lie against the sheets), they can get stuck on fabric and look brown. This usually disappears in the laundry, but if you have white sheets that you are afraid of, then maybe you should not lie on them when you use tan without sun.

    Can you sunbathe with tan without sun?
    Yes, tan without sun does not work as a sunscreen in any way, but you become as brown as if you had not had tan without sun. But it is not as clear, because you are already a little fake-brown.

    Does Eco by Sonya smell like classic "brown without sun-smell"?
    The smell from tan without sun does not come from the cream, it is the process in the skin that smells!


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    Hope this post was helpful! And as I said, Eco By Sonya Invisible tan is now on! It is not only the best tan without the sun I have tested, but also organic and 100% natural! :)

    Hugs are ♥

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