How to make the eyebrows symmetrical?

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    The day before yesterday I had a customer at my salon who wanted help with her eyebrow shape and got the eyebrows symmetrical, so she booked eyebrow pick + color from me.

    Her wishes:

    • More symmetrical brows, one was shorter and taller than the other
    • Wider eyebrows (but understand that she needs to save a little more straw first before it becomes perfect)
    • More well-shaped eyebrows, they were quite straight and sloping
    • Get help with how she should put them on every day

    Here is the result after eyebrow picking + color and filling with the eyebrow pencil Micro Brow Liner (shade Dark brown) from the brand glo Skin Beauty:

    How to make the eyebrows symmetrical?

    More symmetrical brows
    Sometimes you are hungry but unfortunately I can not conjure more straws there, if you do not book a brown tattoo;) However, in most cases it is possible to make a big difference with small means!

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    If you have wide eyebrows and can imagine a narrower shape, it is relatively simple. But the majority already have narrow eyebrows (because most cases of asymmetry are due to having overpicked the eyebrows on themselves) and then you have to create symmetry with small means.

    It is different from case to case, but on these eyebrows I did this:

    1. Made the left edge wider at the top with paint + pencil (which is lower)
    2. Cut the straws at the top of the right edge (which is higher)
    3. Extended the shape of the inner edge of the right edge with a pencil (which is shorter)

    If you do not want to fill in the eyebrows with makeup, you can not make symmetry changes with pencil, but if the person wants wider eyebrows in the long run + still want to fill in the eyebrows myself at home, I usually prefer to save the eyebrows a little asymmetrical after picking and color for to eventually make the straws grow into a better shape. And instead show tips on how the person should put on eyebrows while they are being saved :)

    The customer must therefore decide whether they 1. want the eyebrows as symmetrical as possible already today, 2. can imagine continuing to have asymmetrical eyebrows for a while until you come next time, 3. or learn to fill in the eyebrows yourself so that they are symmetrical and nice even though they are being saved.

    Wider shape
    In some places I save straws that right now look without sitting "outside the mold" but which the next visit can be baked into the mold. This is what you have to do to save your brows! You have to think a little long-term.

    With brow color, you can create the illusion that the brows look wider by coloring in small straws that are around the brow and are not visible before. It often gets sparser in these places, but you at least get a shape that is easy to follow if you need to dab a little with a pencil!

    More well-shaped eyebrows
    The most common thing you need to do to get the brows more well-shaped (less straight) is to make them a little wider at the top so that you get the highest point approximately in the middle of the brow. It is also where many have sparse with straw and therefore "forget" that part of the brow.

    But it can be incredibly different on different brows! It is very common for the person to pluck the eyebrows a bit like a floorball club, with a high turn in the front and then the eyebrow slopes a little down. Then it needs to grow more at the front edge, at the bottom edge and at the highest point. It will thus be a larger project that requires more visits! But I actually have a customer that I regret that I did not take a model on the first visit, because now that she has been with me for a while, it really is a completely different eyebrow! Great fun :)

    Make up your eyebrows at home
    When you book eyebrow treatment with us, you always get (if you want) tips on products and how to do when filling in your eyebrows at home later. You can use pencil (we have more different varieties and colors), shadow, gel etc. Pencil works on everyone but shadow we usually recommend on people who have a little denser eyebrows from the beginning.

    In this post (link) there are more tips and step by step on how to fill in your eyebrows!

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    Here you see the eyebrow by eyebrow color but before makeup as well:

    How to make the eyebrows symmetrical?

    There you see (in the middle picture) that I dyed some small straws that are out of shape at the highest point and in the lower edge at the bottom of the brow - she has to fill it in with a pencil for so long!

    In fact, she booked a lash lift + lash color with my colleague Ida afterwards too!

    So in the end, her eyes looked like this:

    make the brows more symmetrical

    Very nice! A mother of 3 who wants to start dressing up a bit again, then it's perfect with fixed lashes and eyebrows! Even if she will fill in the brows with a pencil, it is extremely much faster to follow the shape now than the shape of the brows looked before :)

    Hope you liked a more detailed post on how to make eyebrows symmetrical and not just that I showed before and after pictures! If you want to book at my salon (my colleagues are super good!) You can easily do it online or call us on 018 10 50 13.

    Have a nice Friday everyone! Personally, I will sit in front of the makeup mirror now and try some makeup that I did myself at a LABB yesterday! Samples for my make-up brand I work on iiiiiiiih it's so much fun !!!

    If you want to know more about plucking eyebrows, read my entire post about this.

    MATCH! ♥

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