How to use tan without sun on the hands?

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    "I have not received that much color this summer, and will now lubricate myself with tan without sun instead. But I have a question, what to do with your hands? Have you read that you should lubricate the body with your hands and then wash your hands thoroughly, but then they will be as pale as before? It does not look good, does it? Is there any other way? ”

    The hands are not the easiest when it comes to tan without sun, but in my opinion it will be most nice not to have tan without sun on the palms, but the top of the hands I absolutely think you should lubricate :)

    Then the hands will fade faster than the body because you wash them so often, but then they fade a little more evenly anyway.

    This is how I usually do my tan without sun on my hands:

    How to use tan without sun on the hands?

    1. Lubricate the whole body with your hands.

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    2. Wash your hands and scrub them thoroughly around the nails and on the palms, otherwise it can easily get extra brown there. Be careful not to splash water on your arms.

    Apply a click of tan without sun lotion on the top of the hands and fingers, and how do you do it without smearing the underside of the hands again? - With a cotton ball!

    How to use tan without sun on the hands?

    Take a click of brown without sun on the cotton ball and lubricate with it, then you get an even and nice result without hassle and smudges :)

    You will find Ida Warg brown without sun on (adlink). Will also link my review of their products here as soon as it is ready!

    I hope my post on how to use tan without sun on your hands was helpful to you! If you have any questions or do something else yourself, feel free to share in a comment below! :)

    Hug from me! ♥

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