I ♥ Miska

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    Linda sa…
    Hi Helena! Can't you make a post about you and your boyfriend, with some facts; how you met, what you like to do, profession, how you live. Overall fun reading :) ”

    I wish I was a little more personal in the blog, because I want you to feel that you know me :) But it's hard to imagine that your own private life is interesting for someone else, so it rarely happens that I write about other than makeup. But it's fun that you ask, do you like private posts too, just ask questions so maybe I can do a little more such posts now and then :)

    Warning though because I have a hard time staying concise haha, I like details!

    Me and Miska when I was nominated in the Blog Awards 2014 ♥

    Right now we live in a small, small studio in Gimo, but both want to move from here eventually. The kitchen table is both a dining table, dressing table and office, and the living room is a TV room, bedroom and photo studio. I rent a room for my webshop warehouse, luckily, but before the living room was also a warehouse :)

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    Miska works at GE Healthcare in Uppsala and serves coffee machines in their various buildings, but he quits this summer and then he does not really know what he wants to do. My dream is that my company will then go so well that I will be able to hire him, he helps me so much and is so wonderful!

    Our days roughly consist of me putting on make-up, blogging and packing packages while he works, and then in the evening I continue to work with mine while he sits at his computer and also works with mine haha!

    He sets up both as a model, test rabbit and assistant, soon he will, among other things. help me test a new tan without sun. But above all, he is the one who built my entire webshop and takes care of all the technology! I do not know what I would do without him.

    And when we are not working, we are very good at fixing everyday luxuries, Miska is super good at cooking (I have a personal chef, wonderful!) So it is often a fine dinner with lit candles on a weekday, and on the weekends we are usually with mom and swim (we have no bathtub in the apartment) and then cuddle with the cats in front of the wood stove, so wonderful :)

    This is what it looked like with us a few days ago, tapas and a glass of wine, yummy!

    I long for summer, then there will be work early in the morning and late in the evening, and in between we will hang out in the sun on my mother's plot!

    I actually never thought I would fall in love with a Gimo resident, it is such a small place so the people who are here know about it as well. Especially not when I had started high school and lived in a boarding school outside Södertälje, then you met so many new people and Gimo just felt smaller and smaller!

    But despite the fact that Miska and my big sister Malin went to the same class in high school, I had basically only heard his name before. It's a name you remember, but did not know who he was more than that. He is 6 years older than me and I did not really know about that social circle. However, he had seen me on the bus a few times, or rather heard me, I have a pretty nasal voice that can cut through glass haha!

    In the winter of 2009, I was home for the Christmas holidays and ended up at a house party, and when Miska got there, it became love at first sight! I remember so clearly how I sat and thought that an evening like this can happen anything:
    “Think about e.g. he and I will be together after this, and now we have not even greeted yet .. Now he is handsome and fixed, but would I be able to see his face every morning when he walks around in ugly underwear and tousled hair? Hm yes I probably would! ”

    And I who blogged even then always had the camera in full swing, and from this evening I have an incredible number of sneak photos on Miska hahaha. So scary girl. "Miska drinks" "Miska looks in another direction" "Miska happens to look into the camera just when I take pictures, help!".

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    Here is one of the sneak peeks, my prince in gray hihi :)

    When Miska after a while realized how interested I was, it went a little easier;) And after snowball fights, toe flirting under the table and finally the first kiss out in the snow, I fell asleep with a smile on my face!

    Now we have been together for five years, and many who become so young together (I was 16 then) have a tendency to grow apart. But not me and Miska, we get closer and closer to each other every day, both mature all the time and just get better and better people :) And I can still feel new love! In addition, it feels so luxurious to live with each other now, for the first 2 ½ years was half distance because I lived in boarding school.

    Here is a 4 year old picture of us!

    I could not have found a more perfect guy for me simply :) ♥

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    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. My partner and I also met when I was 16 - almost five years ago :) still just fantastic and we have just bought a house so now it is extra loving!
      By the way, GOD how handsome you were in that hair color!

      • Understood it! :) I put a click of mascara on my hand and dipped a narrow eyeliner brush in it (did not want the mascara open for too long unnecessarily) and then I worked with the thin eyeliner brush to make the lashes stick together :) Pill but not difficult!

    2. Great fun with a personal post! You seem to be an incredibly sweet and funny girl and I wish you both good luck in the future. Many thanks for all the good tips on the blog, I have become much better at makeup and hair thanks to you.

      Maybe your guy should become a chef if he likes to cook? :)

    3. So fun to read a little more about you as a private person and sooo cute you and Miska are! You really fit together and seem to complement each other very well. Cute couple de luxe!

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