I enjoy the fish in the water

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My new business partner Annika (who I hinted at the day before yesterday, I'll tell you more shortly, it's not a secret but I do not want to print anything until everything is decided and ready) she has a consultant in her company who told me then ”it will be an intense autumn, so make sure to rest a lot this summer so you have a lot of energy this autumn as well ”.

You have no idea how wonderful it was to hear that haha! As a workaholic, I have a hard time taking time off, it's still so hard to relax when you have a long to-do list, but it's kind of like having rest days when you exercise too, you just have to have it :)

So that justified my pool-chilling yesterday I feel, I blame everything on the consultant;) I had to test-ride the inflatable dolphin that Miska got as a goodbye present when he left work on Tuesday, so cute!

Not the easiest thing in the world to come up with, but shame on the one who gives up!


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The pool is too deep (and I'm too short in the coat) to just throw my leg over the dolphin's back, so I tried to crawl up from the side…


… And from the back!


But in the end I got a better idea, climbed up on the mattress next to it and jumped on - joy!

How to ride a wave of success! :)


My just my ♥


Until Miska reminded me that it's actually his. Damn shit :)


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Hope you are as well in the heat as we are, and remember to really enjoy the summer you too, and neither work, toil or fool around with you :) ♥

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