Ida Warg Brown Without Sun (BUS) - Face & Body (Review)

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    Now I have tested Ida Warg brown without sun, for both face and body. Here is my Ida Warg BUS review!

    I do not know if this tan without sun is "best in test" as I have not tested other / new brands in a long time, but I reviewed lots of BUS products a few years ago and have also been a reseller for one brand. So I have quite a lot of experience anyway :)

    An exciting news is tanning drops, it is brown without sun that is dropped into its night or day cream to get a sun-kissed result. More about it further down!

    In this great review and guide I go through Ida Warg tan without sun and how to use it. You will also get answers to questions such as - How to get rid of tan without sun? How long does brown last without sun? & How to apply tan without sun?

    Contents of Ida Warg BUS review:


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    Ida Warg brown without sun review

    Ida Warg tan without sun is 100% vegan and cruely-free and made in Scandinavia. The BUS product series contains everything needed for both the face and the body to get a nice tan without a sun look. Ida Warg Beauty was started in 2018 by the influencer Ida Warg and in addition to BUS products also has skin care and hair care.

    ida warg brown without sun review which is best

    These products are included in this Ida Warg review!

    How long does brown last without sun?

    Usually stays brown without sun for about a week, but it gradually decreases daily. The durability mainly depends on how often you shower and if you scrub in the shower, the same applies to Ida Warg BUS products.

    In order for tan without sun to last longer, some good tips are not to take long showers in too hot water, use a mild shower cream and soap with your hands, not scrubbing sponge.

    How to apply tan without sun?

    I apply BUS with Ida Warg tanning mitt, which is a brown without sun glove. But you can also apply tan without sun with your hands. I have seen someone who applied brown without sun with a sock, I think you need to have a very soft sock in such cases but have not tested myself :)

    Below you see my tan without sun routine:

    apply brown without sun, apply bus

    Tip! Feel free to moisturize the skin properly the days before / regularly, to have as few dry parts as possible.

    Scrub the skin before tanning without sun? Yes or no?

    I usually exfoliate the skin before tanning without sun to get a smoother color. But can you get a longer shelf life on tan without sun by not scrubbing the skin before? According to the instructions on Ida Warg BUS, you should not exfoliate the skin before - because then it lasts longer. Why? It is not clear, but I heard from you and asked! The answer is that the more dead skin cells, the more color. That's reasonable. Then why more color means longer durability, I still do not understand because the dead skin cells release well "when they should" anyway.

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    But the product nerd Helena does not have to cave me down more than that;) I have exfoliated the skin a day before and then applied for a while after showering. It has worked great!

    Moisturize before tanning without sun

    It is good to lubricate dry areas with a moisturizing cream before, otherwise the mischief product may become more brown in that area. I myself have no dry areas (the girl with oily skin hehe) so can not comment on how it settles on dryness :)

    apply tan without sun with glove

    Apply tan without sun, general tips:

    Take a fair amount of tan without sun and apply an even layer all over the body. It should be enough to not risk a spotty result or that you miss areas, so do not skimp. But not thick either, because it should melt into the skin properly as if you lubricate yourself with a regular lotion.

    I usually start with the legs and then work upwards, but it does not really matter how you do it, but it is good to be methodical so that you do not miss any area. A good idea is to finish with your arms and hands last.

    You do the same regardless of whether you apply tan without sun with glove / mitten or with your hands.

    Miska usually lubricates my back. But if you have a glove, it is easier to do on the back of yourself, because you can lay brown without the sun on the other side of the mittens and apply with the back of the hand.

    Then avoid water for a certain period afterwards, exactly how long it stays on the product.

    Apply tan without sun on the face

    When I apply on the face, I usually avoid the area just around the eyes. Apply thinly on the cheekbones underneath so that there is a smooth transition to the skin around the eyes.

    I, who naturally have a lot of redness around the nose, put a thinner layer there as well, otherwise it will be extra dark with the red color with brown without sun on.

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    I usually skip the ears too, actually. It is so difficult to get an even color on them, it is more visible that you have brown without sun if it is spotted, than if you happen to have a little pale ears.

    Apply tan without sun on the face

    Apply tan without sun under the arms

    Since the armpits are an area with a lot of stress (hot, chapped and deodorant every day), I usually put a very thin layer there. Almost nothing, but still a bit for a nice transition.

    It can dissolve and become spotty under the arms after 2-3 days. Then it's nicer to instead lay thin and try to get a smooth transition, I think.

    mischief in the armpits

    Apply tan without sun on the hands and feet

    Regardless of whether you apply tan without sun with your hands or with a glove, I usually think like this about hands and feet:

    • Avoid the palms
    • Apply sparingly on the top, so you get a smooth transition but not a super brown result.
    • Apply even more sparingly on and around the fingers and toes, because there it can easily become stained.
    How to apply tan without sun on my hands:

    If you are going to apply with brown without sun-glove / brown without sun-mitten:

    1. Lubricate the arms last
    2. Lubricate the arm that you do not have the glove on. On the underside of the arm, I lay sparingly on the wrist and rub up a little against the thumb and little finger for a smooth transition.
    3. Apply sparingly but carefully on the back of the hand and between the fingers.
    4. Let sink in for a few seconds only
    5. Change hands, put brown without the sun glove on the already lubricated hand.
    6. Do the same on the other hand


    brown without sun on the hands, feet

    If you are going to apply on the hands, without a glove:

    1. Lubricate the arms last, wait to apply on the hands
    2. Wash your hands (because you have a lot of tan without sun in your palms) gently without splashing on your body or rinsing too high on your arms
    3. Take a small tan without sun on a cotton pad
    4. Apply with the cotton pad sparingly but carefully on the back of the hand and between the fingers. On both hands.


    cotton, hand, makeup tips, beauty blogger, beauty tips, hands feet

    If you do not have a cotton pad or something similar you can use, you can do this routine but instead apply gently with just your fingertips. Then wipe your fingertips on a damp paper or damp towel that you are not afraid of.

    How to get rid of tan without sun?

    To get rid of BUS, I recommend a warm bath or a long hot shower to soften the skin and then scrub thoroughly with a sponge and for example Vitalizing enzyme body peel from Ida Warg (Shop here at, adlink).

    It does not help much to just scrub, but you need to warm up the skin properly. The more the better!

    Ida Warg brown without sun face & body

    Products I tested from Ida Warg brown without sun are tanning drops, self tanning body lotion, face lotion, self tanning mousse & their tanning mitt. There is also self tanning face & body spray, but I have not tested this (yet).

    Ida Warg - Instant Self Tanning Mousse, 150ml

    Price at time of writing: SEK 179 (link)

    Product description:
    The uncolored brown-without-sun mousse that gives a beautiful sun-kissed result in just 3 hours with the help of DHA, is extracted from natural sugar. The mousse is easy to use and perfect for you who want easy application and a natural result. Perfume free, vegan & cruelty free. 150 ml ”

    tanning mousse, brown without sun mousse

    My review of this Ida Warg brown without sun:

    Formula: Like that it is fragrance free! Many tan without sun products contain perfume to cover the typical "tan without the sun smell", but it always penetrates anyway because it comes on the sly. The foam is soft and nice.

    Application: Very easy to apply! The foam sinks well into the skin and it is not at all difficult to work with. I have used gloves every use.

    Immediately afterwards: The skin feels sticky a few hours after application. It goes over almost completely late, but absolutely noticeable in the beginning. After about 3 hours I started to see some difference, but after 12 hours I saw the end result. Showered only 24 hours afterwards, but you should avoid water for only 3 hours.

    Brown without sun odor: That a brown without sun product does not smell brown without sun is a correct claim, even though you certainly smell brown without sun. Because it is not the product that smells, but your skin! So I smelled absolutely clear of tan without sun :) But there are some mischievous products that make me smell much worse. So it still gives a thumbs up here.

    Results: Smooth and nice everywhere! Also on hands and feet :) One of the uses I missed a spot at the wrist, but it was the last body part so was probably just carelessness on my part. Put a little on the stain the next day and then it disappeared completely!

    Sustainability: Some of the color disappeared after the first shower, but it was barely noticeable. I put as much in the armpits as on the rest of the body (to see the durability) and two days later it had "creased" and folded in the armpits. Then showered for the second time and scrubbed a bit so it was still pretty even. I applied one Monday and the last one disappeared when I scrubbed myself on Tuesday the week after. In addition to the armpits, it has disappeared in an even and nice way all over the body!

    Ida Warg brown without sun before & after:

    ida warg before after, brown without sun before after, mischief before after, ida warg self-tanning mousse review

    Here is the result of the very first time I tested Ida Warg BUS! I applied both on the face and on the body. How nice! Smooth and really nice tan. I'm very pleased!

    ida warg brown without sun before after review

    Photographed my legs with my mobile because it was difficult in my photo studio which is built for portraits :)

    Nice result huh? These sprouts long for summer and shorts now you can say;)

    Bruising on the shin, eczema (or reached?) Under the knee and the scars on the thighs come from all the cats I had in my lap in my days haha. You see I'm alive, haha!

    stained by brown without sun, solution, help, tips, stain, mischief stain

    Here is the area I forgot to lubricate haha! The model was photographed the next day, then I put some new tan without sun on the area. The afterimage was taken the day after that! It looks a bit uneven in the picture (?) But in reality it was completely even! Like I've never had a stain. Trolleri :)

    → Available for purchase at

    Ida Warg - Tanning Drops, 45ml

    Price at time of writing: SEK 179 (link)

    Product description:
    Tanning drops that are easily mixed with your favorite night and day cream for a gradual sun-kissed result. You can choose results depending on how many drops you mix with the face cream. Perfume free, vegan & cruelty free. ”

    ida warg tanning drops

    My review of this Ida Warg brown without sun:

    Formula: Nice gel that sinks well into the skin! I have used two drops with a silicone-free serum (Ida Warg Beauty recommends silicone-free day / night cream for this) which I then mix in the palm of my hand. Does not feel sticky, greasy or anything. Great!

    Application: I mix 2 drops if I just need to improve my face. Have tested 3 drops but it gets a little too much for me. If, on the other hand, I also need to improve the burn in the décolleté, I have taken a little more serum, three drops of these tanning drops and then lubricated both face and décolleté. Gets even and nice without any sharp or flammable edges, even though I did in only selected areas :)

    Results: I have not photographed the result because it is a bit gradual. But I have received an even tone every application and two drops give a mild result that is good enough for me.

    Sustainability: Disappears in a discreet and even way, I apply twice a week type.

    Like a lot !!

    ida warg tanning drops,

    Here I have used this on the face, two drops, the day before!

    ida warg tanning drops, review, before after, tips, brown without sun face

    → Available for purchase at

    Ida Warg - Self Tanning Body Lotion, 200ml

    Price at time of writing: SEK 179 (link)

    Product description:
    Colorless brown without sun lotion for the whole body. The cream has a moisturizing effect while giving the skin a nice and radiant sun-kissed look after three hours. Perfume free, vegan & cruelty free. 200ml ”

    ida warg self-tanning body lotion, brown without sun gel

    My review of this Ida Warg brown without sun:

    Formula: An odorless gel cream that sinks quickly into the skin. Very nice formula! Something made me think that it would not give as much color, as it is suitable for "gradually getting browner with each application". But that does not mean that it is very mild in color :)

    Application: Be as careful as when applying regular tan without sun, as it gives quite a lot of color. I prefer to apply this with a glove as well, but it goes with the hands if you prefer.

    Immediately afterwards: It sinks quickly into the skin and then it does not feel, so nice not to be sticky afterwards! Avoid water for 3 hours, after 3 hours you start to see the color coming. After 12 hours I saw the end result.

    Brown without sun odor: Because it gives a milder color than the mousse, the skin also smells a little less, but still has a hint of brown without a sun smell. But not so much that it bothers me, otherwise I am very sensitive to that smell.

    Results: First use: Because I thought it was a "light lotion", I lubricated it with my hands for the first time and it was not very sloppy but definitely not as accurate as with the mousse. Became incredibly spotty then, haha! The rest of the time I have used a glove and was as careful as with the mousse. Then it will be even all over the body :)

    I have also tested two coats of this (applied two days after the first coat) and it turned out great! Have also tried to improve in "selected areas" e.g. it disappeared faster on the narrow legs because I shaved them. It went well too, melted nicely into the previous burn.

    Sustainability: It disappears more easily when you wash your hands and face, than the mousse, I think. You become a little pale in the face and hands and on the hands there is then a small "edge" in the color. Besides, it disappears evenly and nicely on me! However, one should be careful in the shower, have noticed that if I happen to pull with a nail on the wet, warm skin in the shower, there will be a faint streak in the burn afterwards. But it lasts a long time before it disappears completely, for me it lasts for about 8 days.

    → Available for purchase at

    Ida Warg - Self-Tanning Face Lotion, 50ml

    Price at the time of writing: SEK 175 (link)

    Product description:
    The uncoloured formula in Self-Tanning Face Lotion is specially developed to suit the sensitive skin of the face. Softens the skin and gives your face a fresh and sun-kissed look all year round with a healthy glow! Perfume free, vegan & cruelty free. 50 ml ”

    self-tanning face lotion

    My review of this Ida Warg brown without sun:

    I actually notice no difference between this and that for the body, the same color and the same gel-consistent :)

    The result was thus also the same as the body: Mottled the first time when I was careless haha, and then smooth and very nice when I did properly the second time!

    ida warg self-tanning body lotion, ida warg self-tanning face lotion, review, before after, gel, vegan

    Did not take before and after pictures of this (you saw my pale natural skin in the pictures before). Here is at least the result with these! Milder but still a very clear color!

    → Available for purchase at

    Ida Warg - Tanning Mitt

    Price at time of writing: SEK 49 (link)

    bus gloves, vante

    I've actually been stupid and never bought a tan without a sun glove before, so this is the first time I use it and do not understand that I have not done it before! It's so smooth! Buy!! This is soft and great, no weirdness! :) Nice to protect your hands during application as well.

    Easy to wash by hand in the sink (note not immediately afterwards, then you should avoid water), dries quickly and is then as nice as before.

    → Available for purchase at

    Summary - BUS review

    Which one is best? Ida Warg Self-Tanning Mousse or Self-Tanning Lotion?

    There are both pros and cons here in my opinion! But in short, I can say that I like both very much and will use up all products, they all measure up! Should also add that I have quite a hard time for tan without sun otherwise, I am picky. So a positive review on a prank product by me is not easy to get :)

    • The lotion feels nothing immediately afterwards, while the mousse is sticky on the skin for a while.
    • The mousse is more easily applied. The lotion is not difficult either, but not as simple as the mousse which is more fluffy and soft to spread. Unlike a click gel.
    • The lotion gives a milder result (but still visible) which is enough for me. The mousse gives greater results after just one application.
    • Brown without the sun mousse is easier to get even, it gets really flawless-even on me! Unlike the lotion where there have sometimes been some shifts in the tone, even though I was very careful. Not spotty then, but not as even as the mousse.
    • The mousse disappears in a slightly nicer way (except in the armpits, but there you can apply thinner layers). The mousse disappears more gradually and evenly everywhere, while the lotion needs to be improved during the week on the face and hands.

    Which "Ida Warg brown without sun" do I like the most?

    Summa summarum mousse is more easily applied and even, and gives a browner result both immediately afterwards and during the week afterwards.

    But I value the feeling after application very highly, that the lotion sinks into the skin immediately if you do not feel a bit sticky. The lotion tone is also a little milder, which suits my winter pale skin better. So even though I give the mousse more benefits, I still think that I myself will buy the lotion in the future :)

    I have been using the products for several weeks now and so my favorite combo is Ida Warg Self-Tanning Body Lotion together with the drops Ida Warg Tanning Drops to the face. I improve on these two when needed, sometimes in selected areas and at about a week intervals I run the whole body.

    But I think that every single Ida Warg tan without sun product is very good !! :)

    ida warg brown without sun review, tips, application, before after

    You will find all Ida Warg BUS products here -> (direct link to the catalog).

    If you want to read more about Ida Warg Beauty, you can do so on theirs website, :)

    Hope the post has been helpful!

    Hope you liked my Ida Warg brown without sun review and that you like the product as much as I do! Perfect to liven up winter pale skin, especially now when you do not go abroad in the same way as before. These BUS products are also good if you are looking for a cruelty-free and vegan tan without sun :)

    Do you have any questions or concerns about Ida Warg tan without sun that I missed answering here? Feel free to leave a comment below and I will answer as soon as I can! Have you tried Ida Warg BUS products or any other tan without sun that you recommend?

    Is there any more Ida Warg review you are missing? If you keep an eye out here in the blog, there will soon be more reviews on other Ida Warg products! :)

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