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    I love natural products, just the knowledge that it is not only chemicals that smell good but actually "genuine" makes the product feel a thousand times better and more luxurious!

    i + m Natural Cosmetics is such a brand, where you actually understand most of what is in the table of contents, wonderful :)

    I just tested their shower gel and body lotion from the series Body Refresh, and the foot cream from the series Body Relax. And I am very happy with all three products!


    Body Lotion
    The first thing that struck me when I applied this lotion for the first time, was the incomparably good scent! It has a fresh and fresh scent of grapefruit, without becoming strong. Absolutely wonderful scent, you kind of get happy with it! Miska liked it too :)

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    The texture is a little thinner / runny than many lotions, but I think it's nice as it goes into the skin very quickly without smudging the slightest bit. Messy lotions are among the worst, then I get too lazy to use every day. But this one is perfect!

    It feels very moisturizing and caring, I am not particularly dry so I can not express myself to 100% but the skin becomes very soft and smooth.

    Info from the website: A mild body lotion with a fresh grapefruit scent. The active ingredients in argan and avocado oil protect against free radicals and make the skin soft and smooth. Argan oil, also known as "Moroccan gold", is unusually rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, also improves skin structure and promotes cell renewal. Organic plant extracts of St. John's wort, red sun hat and marigold stimulate the skin's own functions and increase the skin's elasticity. Body Refresh body lotion rejuvenates skin and senses with the fruity grapefruit scent and provides energy for the day. ”


    Shower Gel
    The same scent as the lubricating cream from the same series - amazing! The gel foams just right and feels gentle on the skin, which becomes smooth and fine afterwards!

    Info from the website: Mild shower cream that stimulates the skin and senses with the refreshing grapefruit extract. Aloe vera juice adds plenty of moisture and makes the skin relaxed. Avocado and jojoba oils provide gentle re-oiling and leave a nice and smooth feeling in the skin. Body Refresh Shower Gel with mild cleansing sugar surfactants and a skin-friendly pH value (5-6) is suitable for all skin types and can be used daily. The product is also suitable for people with betaine hypersensitivity. ”


    Foot Creme
    The foot cream is, as I said, from another series, and smells of vanilla and orange - also an absolutely wonderful scent, perfect combination! My first thought when I hear foot cream is "thick, oily and sticky cream that never dries", because that is how almost all my experiences have been with other foot creams, you know when the feet almost stick to the sheet when you go to sleep.

    This is definitely not the case! The texture is full-bodied and creamy without becoming so sticky thick, it penetrates the skin quickly and the feet become soft and fine (and fragrant). I like the pump bottle too, smart and easy to handle.

    Info from the website:  “Moisturizing foot cream that effectively softens dry and hard skin. Contains strengthening ginseng extract - which in Asia is also called "the root of life" - which is rich in active minerals and has an invigorating effect on tired feet. Organic apricot oil, almond oil and shea butter help keep your feet smooth and fragrant. Foot Creme Aloe Ginseng has a creamy texture and goes easily into the skin without smudges. Can be used to advantage for preventive and caring purposes to keep the feet fresh. "

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    The only thing I do not like about the 100% is the packaging. They are practical, but I like either more stylish or sweet, but it's a matter of taste as luck would have it :)

    Any of you who have tested this brand?

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