Instantly Ageless Before and After - Review

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    Here is a review of Instantly Ageless with before and after pictures of the result. Have also reviewed the product thoroughly!

    Check out these before and after photos I took the other day:


    Before and after - My mouth in a relaxed position.

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    instantly ageless review

    Before and after - My mouth when I smile (although I do not look particularly happy when you prune this much haha)

    I have a congenital wrinkle from the nostril down to the corner of the mouth, and it is not removed in photoshop nor with any kind of beauty procedure, but it is as simple as a cream that "conjures away" wrinkles with an effect that should last for 8 hours!

    Instantly Ageless many of you have probably heard of already? The "miracle cream" that evens out both wrinkles and bags under the eyes in just two minutes. There are lots of Youtube videos showing the fast effect, and it was sold out in the US right when it was launched.

    I have tested it and can say yes, it actually works! And you can see that in the pictures too :)

    However, there are details about it which unfortunately means that I am not 100% impressed, but I thought I would write a detailed review about it in a post now so you can form your own opinion.


    Instantly Ageless is not a skin care cream that permanently removes your wrinkles, but more like a primer that can be washed off at any time. The effect should be for about 8 hours. It contains: Water (Aqua), Sodium Silicate, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (Argireline), Phenoxyethanol, Ethylexylglycerin, Yellow 5 (Cl 19140), Red 40 (Cl16035). And it is the peptide Argireline that gives this Botox effect.

    It is brand new in Sweden (launched in the US in November 2014, and in Sweden now May 7, 2015) and will certainly get many retailers fairly quickly. Now it is available for purchase

    How does Instantly Ageless work? This is how it works:


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    1. Cleanse the skin and moisturize with day cream.

    2. Instantly Ageless comes in very small tubes, break the cap off the tube (it can be attached again, if you turn it the other way).

    Squeeze a small click of the cream on your finger, you do not need much at all! If you take too much, the result will not be good, but you must not take too little either, it should be moist on the skin without being a thick layer.

    4. Tap the cream with your finger on the area you want to smooth out. Do not use the cream on the whole face. Do not massage it into the skin, but dab it on the surface.

    5. Fan with a newspaper or similar so it dries faster. Preferably do not make face mines for a while, you see effect after 2 minutes but I stayed still for 10 minutes for safety.

    During the drying period, the cream solidifies and at the same time evens out the area on the skin!


    What do I think of the product? Here is my experience:

    The first time I tested it, I took pytt, pytte, pyttelite because I had heard that you get the best results then. However, hardly anything happened, felt a little stiff but not much at all, but the wrinkle remained. So I washed it off and put it on again, and then a little more than before, which resulted in the wrinkle disappearing! I agree that it was a wow effect! However, a very stiff feeling. It becomes like a plastic film on the skin.

    But when I was going to put on make-up, I applied face primer all over my face, but then the effect disappeared and the wrinkle started to appear again, typically. Not as much as before, but it was visible.

    I washed my face again and did the whole procedure again, thinking about putting on make-up without the face primer. Then the cream stung a little, probably because it was the 3rd lubrication in about an hour. But it did not turn out well at all, it looked flaky and yellow ?! Maybe happened to take too much.

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    The fourth time went better and I got the same nice results as the second lubrication which was so good. I then put on make-up with mineral foundation without anything moist (but when I read about it like that ska it is possible to have both liquid primer and foundation over). The wrinkle then seemed tiny but almost not noticeable at all! However, it was a little difficult to get the makeup even, it wanted to be a little cakey.


    Here you see how little wrinkle was seen after foundation, but yes it came out a little strange enough. The right picture was taken 7 hours later, and then the wrinkle had been there for quite some time, so the durability unfortunately did not measure up in my opinion. The wrinkle looked like in the freshly made up picture for about 2 hours, then it came back slowly again.

    Two days after I used the cream, I became dry and flaked a bit in this area. Maybe it's because I lubricated several times the same day because it was in trouble, but it's at least a sign that it is not directly gentle on the skin.

    Summary and Does Instantly Ageless Work?

    Yes the cream works! But the result does not last very long, it feels quite strong against the skin, does not look good every time, and it was a bit awkward to put make-up on the result. In addition, it feels very tight in the face.

    If I recommend it?

    Both yes and no, I partly believe that many of you will get a better / more lasting result than me, my wrinkle is difficult because it sits at the mouth that I touch all the time. And I think it's a good product for you who have complexes over a specific wrinkle / other bump, but not generally as an anti age product for anyone with wrinkles who wants them to be seen a little less.


    I was asked to sell this on Creative Makeup but will decline the offer, it has a little too many negative features for me to be able to stand for it for 100%, even though the result as you see in my pictures is actually really good.

    What do you think you about Instantly Ageless now after my post? Which weighs the most, the eyebrow-raising result or all the small disadvantages (which at least I experienced) that together became quite a lot of negative? Will you shop? :)

    You can order it at if you want to test.

    It will be fun to hear your response. Hug!

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