Dice make-up

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    Yesterday I showed you the make-up as I did last Saturday, and now I was also going to show you the bridesmaid that I also made up then :)

    I tried on her make-up the week before so I have nice pictures from my home studio, and we did exactly the same make-up on the wedding day then except for slightly narrower eyebrows, so I did not take any new pictures of her last Saturday. Fun by the way that my autocorrect on the computer changed "sample makeup" to "tasted" just now, luckily I noticed it before I published haha.

    She almost never puts on make-up at all, just mascara, so we did a natural make-up so that she felt like herself at the same time as she was extra pampered. Here is the result:

    tern makeup

    Nice, is not it? :)

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    Basic make-up with a lot of luster and lighter coverage around the nose so that the fine freckles do not disappear. Then focus on the top of the eyes to lift the gaze.

    To only put on make-up with the dark on the top of the eyes is smart if you are not so used to make-up, as soon as it gets dark under the eye, you immediately feel more made-up. In addition, it lifts the eye more if all the focus is on the top, so it gives a nice effect as well.


    Face primer - Paese Makeup Base Matte
    Foundation - gloMinerals Pressed Base Foundation (Natural Light)*
    Sunscreen - Paese Bronzing Powder (1M)
    Luminous pillows - Paese Glow Powder (12)
    Rouge - Paese Powder Blush (43)
    Eyebrows - Benecos Eyebrow Designer (Blonde)

    Shimmery eye shadows - Paese Opal Eyeshadow (Caffe Latte)
    Matte brown eyeshadow as lash marking - Paese Kashmir Eyeshadow (604)
    Black mascara - Oriflame The One Wonderlash Mascara Waterproof*

    Lip Gloss - Paese Balm Lip Gloss (624)


    Now I will go to Stockholm where I will first go to an event with Makiash, and then when I am still in Stockholm I will meet Nicolin and have dinner before I go home, so cozy!

    Hugs are ♥

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