Job make-up - green eyes

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    Sandra sa…
    I would have liked a tip step by step. I would need help with a simple but stylish make-up I can use at work that highlights my eyes. I have green eyes.

    First of all, excuse my late reply Sandra!

    Purple is the color that emphasizes green eyes the most. Here is a simple and discreet make-up for you!

    If you want an even more discreet / simpler make-up, it also works well with mascara + purple eyeliner pen :)


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    I have used eye shadows from my 180 Palette.

    1. Add one light purple eye shadow at the bottom of the eyelid and up towards the globe line.

    2. Soot with one light brown eye shadow at the end of the eyelid.

    3. Add one light highlighter shadow In the corner of the eye.

    4. Paint with vit kajalpenna along the waterline to open up the gaze and look more alert.

    5. Finish with mascara!

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    Hope that was what you were looking for!

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    Helena Amiley
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