Anniversary evening at Creative Zone

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    I was going to offer some pictures from yesterday! There was a photographer there in the evening so I didn't take much pictures then, I thought I would snap her pictures later instead;) But Lynn borrowed my camera and took some pictures when everyone was preparing, so I can show it already now!

    It was thus 20 years ago that Gunilla owns the hair salon Creative Zone in Uppsala won the World Cup in Lodon. When she told me how it felt when they called out her name as the winner, to be the very best hairdresser in the whole competition, then I wished I was more of a competition person than I am. God so much fun if you were to win something so big at some point! :) But it's hard if you never compete hehe.


    Here I stood all day and did party make-up on a conveyor belt! Everyone had different outfits and would have different make-up so it was super fun :) There were 11 models in total and I all put on make-up!


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    Åsa and Gunilla who work full time with the sets!


    Surely she looked nice in this blue make-up? It glittered a lot in reality too. She looked a bit like Elsa in Frozen :)

    anniversary evening-creative-zone

    All models were photographed by the photographer Juliana Fälldin, so I will offer those pictures later when they are ready!

    Do you also think that the photographer is like me? Maybe hard to see from behind hehe but it was probably the way we stood and moved that many thought was the same, even Frida who knows me since babyhood thought she was me first haha. However, I have no better picture than this, but in the face you were probably not so similar I think :)


    After the fashion show, I got a rose from cute Gunilla!

    My look was a tight knot and glasses, I felt so dizzy so I wanted to make up for it by looking a little smart. Plus minus zero as well;) Nobody knows that my vision is topnoth and that it's just fake glasses hihi.

    My knot stayed that tight and perfect all day by the way, without the hairs coming loose and becoming fluffy, which always happens to me otherwise. Must tell you about that hair spray soon! :)

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    IMG_5706_111Frida was on site and mingled with me as well, and then we ended the evening with a glass of rosé at the Station before it was time to go home.

    A fast-paced and wonderful day at work as a makeup artist simply! I show you pictures of all the nice sets when they are ready, they were all so beautiful! Everyone at Creative Zone is so talented, can really recommend them! :)

    Hugs are !!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Your blog has started to load very slowly :( Seems like you are uploading large images? A tip is to reduce them so it goes faster :) Love your blog, you are super good! Hug.

      • Thank you for telling! My pictures are as big as usual, it is Finest that is in trouble (sigh, hehe) but I can make them a little smaller until Finest gets to the collar and fixes all problems! What fun that you like the blog by the way, it warms :) Kraaam!

    2. Hi good girl!
      I have a question, when you go out for a make-up job, do you use your own make-up or is there a place to borrow for you?
      Thought most about all different skin tones and hygienic?
      Maybe a quirky question;)
      Hug hug Linn

      • Hey! :) I use my own makeup, but I have a set of basic makeup and stuff that I only use on customers, and I have many makeup brushes so I can makeup many at once and still have fresh brushes. But some eye shadows and such I use both on myself and on customers, and this I am aware of when I put on make-up myself so I am always careful with hygiene even at home :)

        • Hi and thanks for the reply :)
          I almost understood that you have a large make-up store;)
          I had an allergic reaction once and since then I have been afraid to use my make-up on others, but I have now started using the eye shadows if I get the honorable assignment to put on make-up for someone.

          Another small question, I think it is difficult to get eye shadow on the brush, it does not want to get so much shadow.
          Have you reached tips, or do I just have bad brushes

          Hugs to you!

          And thank you for fast delivery, I ordered from you and the next day the goods were in the mailbox!
          And I live in Norrland! Thanks! <3

          • Some eye shadows can be harder to pick up with the brush than others, but if you have that problem with most eye shadows, it is probably the brush that is wrong! I notice quite a big difference depending on which eyeshadow brush I use, a too flat and hard / compact brush can be difficult to get shade with and the same applies to one too soft. Try a brush that is a bit fluffy but still quite compact :)

            Super fun that you are happy with your order, it makes me very happy !! :) <3

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