Just have fun, smile, and keep putting on lipstick!

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    I have slept very badly three nights in a row now, so I am sooo tired and heavy in the body! I sleep all night but only on the surface, like when you have just fallen asleep, and when I wake up I am not even awake because I have not gotten into the heavy sleep. Extremely frustrating, do you have any tips?

    Meen I have a fun day ahead of me so just kick yourself off! Just have fun, smile, and keep putting on lipstick, as I usually say;)

    At 11 o'clock a brow customer comes to my house, and at 2 o'clock I head to Stockholm for a press event with Pür Minerals, it will be super fun!

    In addition, I have bought a new computer and then it suddenly works to share my internet from my mobile to the computer (did not want to work on my old goodies) so I can work on the trip both to and from Stockholm! Hallelujah :)


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    Matte lips are just so beautiful! Here is yesterday's lipstick - matte, creamy and tastes like mint ♥

    It is Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in shade 205 Elusive, available in several nice colors!

    Today it will probably be a more colorful lipstick to compensate for the fatigue in the face haha. Even on a bad day there's always lipstick! Lots of quotes today, me like :)

    Hugs are!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hey! I have had the same problem and there are a few tricks.
      1. Physical exercise. Then you tire out the body so it wants to sleep.
      2. Relax for a while before going to sleep. Turn off computers and TVs because it can cause stress (do not know exactly how it works). For example, read a book, massage your feet, meditate, lie on a nail mat or brush your hair.
      3. Grab things. Type of problem, etc. so you do not lie and ponder.

      These are things that I myself have been told should work so I work on it;)
      Good luck and sleep well!

    2. Hi Helena! Thanks for a wonderful blog!
      I BUS regularly and this weekend I will go to the spa. I'm afraid that the color 'loosens' from the hot water and that I will be white from the neck down when I get out of the pool, haha. Is this something I need to worry about?

      • Hello Johanna! Oh fun that you like the blog :): * The color is in your dead skin cells, and dead skin cells fall off when you warm up the skin, so yes it is not an impossibility but usually you need to scrub if everything should come off at the same time like that occurs in such cases usually at the end of the bus time. In other words, I do not think it will happen in the way you explain, but it is possible that you get a lighter color due to the spa visit :) That is why mischief lasts longer if you scrub yourself properly before lubricating yourself. Maternity!

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