Kajal tips along the waterline

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    When I had written yesterday's post about black eyeliner along the waterline and tips about it, I got a comment with questions about sustainability. So I thought I would write a bit about that now :)


    1. Choose a good product
    How long the durability is and how nice black color you get, it mostly depends on the quality of the eyeliner pen. You will never have to keep a cheap, dry pen along the waterline no matter what you do. The best / most durable pen I have tested is Paese Linea Automatic Eyeliner, it is available in four colors, is easy to paint with and also lasts all day!

    Creamy products
    A tip that has spread a lot when you google this, is to fix the eyeliner along the waterline with an eye shadow to make it last. However, this only applies to eyeliner pencils that are applied to the skin, I have come to the conclusion after having experimented with this myself, and you should therefore not do this "trick" on the waterline in my opinion. This is because the drier the product you have, the more water from the eye will absorb that product and then it will release even faster! In addition, it can feel dry and uncomfortable to the eye.

    In other words, feel free to choose a slightly creamy pencil that instead fixes itself and becomes dry after a while. Because if the pen continues to be creamy, it will also slide around and eventually disappear when you blink.

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    A tip if you have tested pencils in a store is to paint a line on your hand, if it is creamy you can fade it directly with your finger, but if you let it sit on your hand for a while and it becomes more or less rub-proof after a few minutes , then it is suitable for the waterline.

    2. Two layers
    If you have a pencil like I recommend in the above points, you will get an even better result if you apply two coats! If you draw many times with the pen directly, you will still not get much more product directly along the waterline, but if you paint once, wait a while so that the pen has time to fixate on the waterline, and then paint again - then the first works the layer more as a base for the second layer and the result will be much more durable!


    It's this pen from Paese which I recommend, both for the waterline and as a regular eyeliner along the lash lines! :) It costs SEK 129 and is available in black, brown, blue and plum purple.

    Hugs are!

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