Sensitive scalp? - Hair care products from Waterclouds!

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    A while ago, I received Watercloud's hair care series Relive, which prevents and relieves hair and scalp problems. The products counteract dandruff, itching and dry scalp while caring for the hair.

    The series is effective thanks to these ingredients:
    Climbazole - Counteracts the fungus Malassezia furfur which causes dandruff.
    Piroctone Olamine - Same effect as Climbazole.
    Salicylic acid - Keratolytic exfoliating effect on the scalp and relieves itching. 

    The series contains four products - two shampoos, a hair wrap and a liquid that you should have on the scalp.

    I have tested all products once to feel the feeling, but I have no problems with my scalp and can not give a review on that point. That's why I put my sister as a test rabbit instead as she has a lot of problems with sensitive and dry scalp, and itches so much that she gets sores! She has experimented a lot with products for the scalp and has more experience of it than me.

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    First of all, I can say that I like to use the products! The bottles look small and awkward, in my opinion, but the shine is deceiving! The products are expensive and very easy to use, no strange things. The feeling after the shower is smooth and wonderful hair!

    What results did my sister get then? She loves the products! I talked to her yesterday and she was so happy because she has not scratched her head all week !! So the products get a big plus for their end result!

    Active Climbazole Shampoo, SEK 149 at here!
    A shampoo for all hair types and scalp problems. It is moisturizing, removes dandruff and is effective on dry scalp. The shampoo soothes irritated scalp and restores the moisture balance in both hair and scalp.

    You should start with this shampoo, and when it is finished and the scalp has healed, you start with the milder bottle.

    Mild Climbazole Shampoo, SEK 149 at here!
    This shampoo is used as I said when the active bottle is finished. It works in the same way as the active one, but is good if you do not have such big problems but just want to keep dandruff and itching away.

    Oil Cure Hairmask, SEK 149 at here!
    A hair wrap used after shampooing, it deeply moisturizes hair and scalp, reduces dandruff itching and redness and nourishes the hair. Contains argan oil.

    Climbazola Tonic, SEK 149 at here!
    A liquid that is massaged into the scalp in wet hair after the shower is not rinsed out. This is an intensive leave-in cure that prevents dandruff and itching while it cools, softens and moisturizes your scalp.

    The tonic liquid is not as difficult to apply as it sounds, I dripped a little into the scalp and when massaging with the fingers, it spread easily over the skin. The liquid is liquid like water, but it is not like water when you massage but spreads more easily and you feel where you have applied and not despite wet hair.

    The feeling after a while is cold and intense and it lasts for a while, quite a nice feeling but a little scary when you were not prepared for it to feel hehe. When the hair has dried, you do not notice the liquid at all, it is not greasy or heavy in any way, but the hair feels as freshly washed as usual!

    In short - A wonderful hair care series for both hair and scalp, it works and can really be recommended for you with problems with the scalp!

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    Two thumbs up! :)

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    Helena Amiley
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