Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair Dry Shampoo

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    I, Helena-dry shampoo nerd-Rönnblad, have once again tested a dry shampoo that I now intended to review for you! I got it home as a press sample last autumn and have used almost the entire bottle, it is very good :)

    The dry shampoo I'm talking about is Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair, and instead of showering when I had my incident with the hair oil the other day, this was my rescue! In other words, it also works for us who not only get a little oily in the bangs but get very oily scalp quickly.

    The dry shampoo smells of lemon, which feels fresh and good. I personally prefer dry shampoo that smells as little as possible, but I still like to use this because it is the only time Miska has said "how good your hair smells". Otherwise, he usually finds it difficult with all the fragrance mixtures and sprays I do. It's always extra nice when the boyfriend wants to sniff one in the hair :)

    It is not super expensive, but you do not need much to get a good result. The spray is evenly distributed in the hair and is easy to use.

    The dry shampoo is incredibly effective but at the same time light in the hair. If you have a lot of oil to spray away, it disappears without problems. Also works to have in the lengths if needed (good when I had happened to use too much hair oil). The white powder is not visible at all in the hair, and does not give the greyish effect that many dry shampoos can give, but is also suitable for dark-haired people.

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    Although the dry shampoo is so effective, the hair feels very light, even if you use a lot, and you can pull your fingers through the hair without it feeling rough.

    I really like dry shampoo that gives a little more volume, which this does not give super much of. So I always add a little bit of another dry shampoo to lift up the roots a bit. But not everyone wants the volume effect either and then this is great.

    Unfortunately, it is not a budget product, the bottle costs SEK 249 HERE, but the bottle is large (250 ml) and lasts a long time so it is absolutely good for us who use dry shampoo every day!

    Summary - Effective dry shampoo for us with very oily scalp that is neither visible nor felt in the hair and gives a good scent of lemon. And despite the relatively high price, it is worth buying as you get what you pay for and it also contains a lot and is therefore long enough!

    In other words, Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair gets two thumbs up from me! :)

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
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