Guys' opinions on makeup

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    I watched Blondinbellas latest video blog featuring her makeup artist Fanny make her up for the Elle gala. I want to recommend the video because it is very good! :) But besides, Bella says an interesting thing about in the middle of the movie, which I would like to address in a post.

    "The other day I asked Odd what he thinks of red lips, and it turned out that it is among the ugliest he knows"

    Fanny then implies that her ex-boyfriend thinks the same, and they talk about us girls putting on make-up and thinking that the boys like it, although in fact they think we are the most beautiful neutral.

    "Oh so interesting !!"  was my thought then! :)

    I thought the same thing before. I started putting on make-up very early and everyone kept saying that I was the prettiest when I was natural, and the boys in the class did not understand why I insisted on wearing green eye shadow every day at school.

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    But now I actually experience the opposite! Guys I talk to really appreciate when they look a little different and colorful look. And if you do not count your comments in the blog, I probably get the most compliments from guys actually!

    08:16 the discussion begins.

    There are both boys my age and middle-aged men who actually both see and think it's fun when we girls make a little extra effort with the make-up. Guys, colleagues at my previous job, at the checkout at ICA, my driving school teacher, etc.

    "It's so much fun that they wear it every day Helena, there are so few who put on make-up with different colors that you do, what if everyone had done it, what fun it would have been!"  said a guy friend to me one day, and I still live on that compliment!

    You have to put on make-up for your own sake, if you had followed everyone else, you would not have come out the door. At the same time, I still put on a little make-up for the sake of others as well. If I can liven up my life with my pink mascara, I will gladly do so! :)

    The worst compliment (which Fanny also mentions in the video) is when people say "god how handsome you are without makeup!". It's a pure compliment and very kindly said, but when it's your job, it's quite difficult to take it as positively as it is meant to be. I reviewed a foundation once, and got the comment that I am very beautiful without foundation in the pre-image. Very nicely meant, but you always want to look best in the afterimage hehe.

    It's a bit like telling a chef that her purchased powder sauce is tastier than the homemade sauce. Or something like that .. :)

    Anyway. Miska thinks it's nice with red lips, but often prefers that I do not have it if he wants a kiss;) Of course I want him to think I'm nice, and if he says that a garment is ugly, I have it rarely again. But when it comes to makeup, I do not care at all what others say! The weirder the better hehe.

    Do you usually get feedback from the guys around you? And do you care about it or do you put on make-up the way you want anyway? :)

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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