Kryolan Eyeliner in stock again!

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    I have promised lots of people to write as soon as we get Kryolan Cake Liner and Kryolan HD Cream Liner in stock in the webshop and store again.

    We took these in as news a few months ago and they were consumed like butter, then they ran out of the distributor who in turn received a delayed delivery from the US. Yes you know how it can be, such problems you can not solve by working harder but just wait the time…

    But now it finally exists again! :)

    Kryolan HD Cream Liner is a waterproof cream eyeliner that glides on the skin and gives an even and intense color immediately. Works for all types of eyeliners and is optimal for both lashliner / fringe marking, a sharp eyeliner, a smoky eyeliner and eyeliner wings.

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    Kryolan Cake Eyeliner has a formula that gives a carbon black intensive result with long shelf life. Easy to paint sharply along the lash line and / or as a lashliner / lash marker. Dip your brush in water, mix in the eyeliner jar until you get a suitable consistency. Easy to wash off as it dissolves in water, but still sits well all day. For a waterproof result, you can mix it with a transparent cake liner sealer liquid instead of water.

    For a nice lashliner, I personally think that Kryolan Cream Liner is the best product I have tested! I have been looking for a good cream eyeliner for this but am incredibly picky, but now I have finally found it :)

    Lashliner can be made with different products and it's a bit of a matter of taste, in the pictures in this post I have used a carbon black eye shadow. But a cream eyeliner is quickly applied, waterproof (good so close to the eye) and fits super well. Everything you want when you paint lashliner every day!

    The most important thing when making a lashliner is not to apply along the upper waterline, because even if you have an eyeliner that remains up there, it still usually discolors on the lower part of the eye when you blink if you applied on the upper waterline. But if you just put on the skin right where the lashes are stuck, it lasts just as well!

    When I make lashliner, I lift the lid a little and work with the brush from the bottom. Another tip is to have a mirror on the table that you can angle upwards, so that you can look downwards in the mirror, then you see from below and get a clearer overview of the lash line.

    Here you see an everyday make-up I did with Kryolan's cream eyeliner as a fringe marking. Do you see what a nice frame the eye gets, without having a wide eyeliner?

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    Hug ♥

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