Lapland Halo

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Now I have changed nail polish again to one that I think is so incomparably nice that I will probably keep it until it starts to look ugly, and not change as often as I have done the last few days :)

What I'm talking about is Lumene Gel Effect in the shade Lapland Halo which is a shimmering white and high-gloss color!

I love light nail polish and this one feels so wintry and nice that I will probably pick it up again when the winter cold is here for real. But white always works, so who knows, it might be more times even before that;) // var uri = & #039; http: // type (inv) g (18008430) a (2286222) & #039; + new String (Math.random ()). substring (2, 11);
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Fint va? :)

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My nails are starting to get very long now, I have painted over the growth so you do not see how much they have grown out. However, do not dare to cut with a regular nail scissors, they are so hard that it feels like they will crack then! And the file will take an eternity, as I said they are quite hard .. I have to think about that for a while!



Hug hug!

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