Lapland Halo - Light pearl nail polish

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    Now I have changed nail polish again to one that I think is so incomparably nice that I will probably keep it until it starts to look ugly, and not change as often as I have done the last few days :)

    What I'm talking about is Lumene Gel Effect in the shade Lapland Halo which is a shimmering white and high-gloss color!

    I love light nail polish and this one feels so wintry and nice that I will probably pick it up again when the winter cold is here for real. But white always works, so who knows, it might be more times even before that;)


    Fint va? :)

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    My nails are starting to get very long now, I have painted over the growth so you do not see how much they have grown out. However, do not dare to cut with a regular nail scissors, they are so hard that it feels like they will crack then! And the file will take an eternity, as I said they are quite hard .. I have to think about that for a while!



    Hug hug!

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    1. Depend has coarse files that work to file down the nails with. They are quite large, purple on one side and pale orange on the other side.
      I have both filed down my nails and removed the same type of material that you have with such files.
      It takes time and is a heavenly craft.
      However, because you have such long nails, you must be careful not to damage your own nails.
      I removed the material last Sunday and it feels pretty weird.
      Waiting to get a new time for the nails :)
      I have a friend who does my nails.
      Before I went to queen nails, in Sollentuna, they are good.
      Has for me that they are in Uppsala as well.
      Good luck!

    2. Really long nails you have now! Guess you have some type of gel reinforcement underneath? In that case, I would not cut or file them either, you can probably remove it first by doing acetone wrapping and then cut them… Would be fun to see some nail tips now in the blog on how to make your nails stay long when you stop go to the salon… I almost always use gel polish to keep them and paint with regular nail polish if I get tired. However, it would be fun if my own nails could be as strong and durable as yours seem to be. In any case, they look good! :)

      • I made them at the salon and have now only removed the pearls, so my nails are this long but it is the salon's gel reinforcement that is left when I just stopped going there :) I have filed them a bit just to get them even otherwise I did not do much more. I would like to shorten them, but not remove the gel completely because it is still relatively new, I will in a good way shorten them so I can probably manage to keep them nice for quite a long time I think :) What do you use for gel polish now when Depends are no longer sold?

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