Reader Question - Unsuccessful eyebrow tattoo

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    I suffer every day because I was stupid and did an eyebrow tattoo in 3d. It's awful so awful that I can no longer stand and talk to people because I'm so ashamed of how I look. I know you did 3d tattoo fixed with better results but I still hope you might have knowledge of how to make up over it? I am blonde and the tattoo is now after 1.5 years still black / gray. It has dropped from the middle and backwards, but at the front where you definitely do not want to be dark, it is there and plagues and fills every day with anxiety.

    I know you may not have time to answer, you may not even read this, but I will test anyway.
    Do you know how to put make-up on it in a way that looks natural?

    To add to how bad it is, I have coughed up even more money now and done a transplant that cost a lot of pain and money…. I just want to be able to show myself among people… Do you know any way? ”

    I really suffer with you when I read about failed eyebrow tattoo, and hope that all my other readers really understand how important it is to go to the right tattoo artist, especially when it comes to cosmetic tattooing!

    Annika who has tattooed me (on Creative Makeup in Uppsala) also removes tattoos and gets many examples of horror, it is absolutely not uncommon! She is also good at reshaping her eyebrows so that they look good, by removing certain parts and tattooing over others. I can recommend her to you :)

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    As for the make-up, you should buy a concealer that has extreme coverage, I have not actually tested any myself (but waiting for Anastasia Beverly Hill's new concealer to come to Sweden in early 2015, it will also cover tattoos). But I've heard of Dermablend for a long time, check out this video!

    Dermablend's products are available at e.g. and one coverage foundation stick costs SEK 273.

    While you wait for the delivery (or a tip for all of you others who just want to cover a tattoo for one day) I can give you a tip on how to make up a tattoo with "regular makeup" without the blue shade shining through .

    Prime with something red, e.g. a cream blush or a lipstick. Because when you mix yellow and blue (concealer + tattoo) it turns green, and red neutralizes green (which is why green concealer is good for covering pimples) and then it becomes much easier to apply make-up without having a super-covering product!My nice ants on the foot. They are visible through a little anyway because the only concealer I had at home was a thin under-eye concealer (have some makeup left at my mom's house because I worked there during the summer). But I recommend a thicker concealer, then you probably get an even better result.

    I have used lipstick - powder - liquid concealer - powder - mineral foundation to cover the ants.

    Good luck with the tattoo !! And if it does not go well, call Annika !! :)

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Thank you sweet darling Helena for reading and really taking the time to respond to my eyebrow disaster.
      I can not even describe how much they mean you tipped about different things because I am too ashamed to go to a makeup place to ask for advice. You do not want to hear or see in their eyes that they think you have to blame yourself for being stupid who did a tattoo. Kick the one lying down…
      You made my Christmas, thank you very much again <3
      Forgot to say in my last hysterical post that I found you on Laila and Pernilla's page and have followed you with joy from the start there.

    2. Hey! I wonder if you know of any hair salon or store that sells good hair extensions here in Uppsala?
      want in clips and do not dare to order online as it will probably be the wrong color: /

    3. If you who wrote the letter read this, I wonder if it is only the color you are dissatisfied with or is it color and shape?
      With whom did you raise your eyebrows?
      There are so many who are good at correcting the bad work of others.
      Hope everything works out for you!

      • The shape was probably quite okay when they were newly made. Now they are different and it's really okay because they should not be permanent but disappear. and I do not have such demands that I expect them to fade away exactly the same. BUT THE COLOR and the technology !!!… The color became CARBON BLACK and then she put all the straws up so it did not look natural with my own lying on the side, as almost everyone does. Then she put them so close so she cut many together. so they do not look like a 3d tattoo but like a real tattoo. And I'm terrified it's never going to go away because they bled a lot there.
        My new transplanted eyebrows have started to come out and I hope that they will be a little denser so it covers a little at least. Will color them in soon and test wonderful Helena's tips.

        Unfortunately, I do not remember what the salon was called, I just remember that it was located in a newly built district in Stockholm. (I am a lantis from southern Sweden)


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