LashLift - All about Lash Lift (8 Questions & Answers + Review)

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    Lashlift, Lash Lift, eyelash permanent, eyelash lift, eyelash lift, eyelash lift or eyelash permanent, dear children have many names. In this great guide, I go through everything on the subject!

    Lash lift or eyelash permanent is as it sounds a permanent for the eyelashes, you bend to them with the help of coils. We have been performing this treatment at the salon for almost 10 years and I get many questions about this. Therefore, I thought I would go through everything about lash lift in this post!

    lash lift, lash lift, fringe permanent, eyelash permanent

    All about Lash Lift - The great guide!

    Table of contents for the lashlift guide:

    1. What is a lash lift?
    2. How long does it last?
    3. Can you do a lash lift at home?
    4. Is it dangerous or harmful?
    5. Lash lift before and after pictures
    6. Can you wear lenses when performing the treatment?
    7. How to do lash lift?
    8. What does it cost and where can I do it?
    9. My review of lash lift

    What is a lash lift?

    A lash lift is a permanent bending of the lashes, also called permanent eyelash. In the same way that you can permanent hair, you can also permanent lashes.

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    Some do lash lift to avoid mascara, others do it to get properly curled lashes that stay curled all day. Namely, it can be difficult to achieve with just eyelash curlers and mascara if you have straight, straight eyelashes.

    Some also do it to increase the length of the lashes. If you have short eyelashes that are difficult to bend with forceps, they are experienced so much longer if you get another proper bend / lift!

    What is permanent eyelash extensions?

    Exactly the same as the lash lift! But lash lift is a newer word :)

    I have worked with salon treatments for so long that I can use the expression "in the old days" haha. Then the lash lift was called eyelash permanent. A not entirely unusual question then was "what permanent, will the eyelashes be curly then?".

    Of course not :) Permanent is simply that you reshape the hair. In the hair, it becomes curly because you roll it on spools, while the lashes get a lift upwards because you glue them upwards (and not on a roll).

    Many who perform the treatment trained when the trend came around 2017-2018. I myself did this treatment for the first time in 2013. Then, however, eyelashes beganextension (that you glue fake lashes) become trendy and thus eyelash permanent did not really take off. But in 2017, many people started getting tired of eyelash extensions, it started to be written more and more about eyelash permanent instead. Then with the new name "lash lift" and in the spring of 2018, the booking system exploded with lash lift treatments!

    Since then, lash lift is our most popular treatment :)

    How long does the lashlift last?

    Because it is a permanent bending of the lashes, the lash lift lasts as long as your own lashes. The permanent thus grows away and when you lose the fringe, the permanent disappears.

    How long it lasts can vary from different people's fringe cycle and french quality, usually you have a fringe cycle of about 8-12 weeks. Because you do not replace all lashes at the same time, but you lose a few from time to time, the lashlift lasts approx. 4-8 weeks.

    However, most dyes in connection with the treatment and the lash color last for up to 6 weeks.

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    Our regular customers who do lash lifts regularly dye their lashes every 5 weeks and do lash lifts every other time (ie every 10 weeks).

    In the picture below you see my lashes a month after treatment, then they still look very good! :)

    lash lift, lash lift, fringe permanent, eyelash permanent

    How do you make a lashlift last longer?

    To make the lash lift last as long as possible, it is good to take care of the lashes. This can be done with a leave-in conditioner that you brush on the fringe before going to bed.

    It is also important not to wear on the lashes. Do not rub in the eyes! Wash off any make-up carefully, preferably with a remover that dissolves effectively. Also think about how you sleep, as some lie a lot with their face down towards the pillow so it can wear on the lashes, which means that you lose the lash lift faster. There are e.g. eye masks / sleeping masks that are shaped like small cups, it protects the lashes when you sleep :)

    Even eating and feeling good gives good hair quality. If you eat badly or feel bad and stress, it also affects the hair.

    Can you do a lash lift at home?

    It is possible to do a lash lift at home as well as it is possible to do it at a salon. However, it can be very difficult to do on your own and you probably need help. Then it probably takes much longer and may not be as good as someone who works with it and makes several new ones a day.

    With that said, if you are eager to try making a lash lift at home, there are several kits to buy with instructions. However, I can not recommend anything because what we use at the salon is not of the same brand. Further down I have done how it works, where you can see how you can do lashlift at home step by step.

    A quick search on google for a lash lift kit and you will probably find something that fits. A good tip is to read reviews! :)

    Is lash lift dangerous or harmful and are there any side effects?

    We have done thousands of lash lifts at the salon and have several hundred returning customers who come regularly and have done this for several years. The treatment itself we have performed for almost 10 years and not even a handful have received a mild reaction. If you are more sensitive to certain substances, we always recommend doing a rubbing test before doing the treatment for the first time.

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    If you carry out the treatment correctly, it is neither dangerous nor harmful and we have not noticed any side effects.

    On the other hand, if you do it at home or are careless, it can of course increase the risks when you work close to the eye and may not think about hygiene. It is important to use disinfected tools and disposable materials! So be careful about making a too cheap lash lift, the practitioner does not charge enough so he has to save it somewhere and it can be in time or in materials.

    Lash quality also plays a role, if you have too long an effect time, you can risk damaging the lashes (however, this is not permanent damage because the lashes are replaced). There is thus no "universal" effective time but depends on the quality of your lashes. After years of experience, you learn to adapt the time to the customer's lashes.

    Can you save a failed lash lift?

    If you have done a failed lashlift either through a faulty spool or too high a working time, there are some things you can do. I've made a whole post about what you can read here -> Save failed eyelash permanent.

    Some therapists call this "relaxation on the lash lift", a way to make the lash lift straight again. But you may not want to make it completely straight, but still have a nice bend, that's what I have shown in the linked post.

    Lash lift before and after pictures

    Here I have made a small collage of before and after pictures of the lash lift with slightly different models.

    lash lift before and after

    Can you wear lenses when doing a laser lift?

    It is possible to wear lenses when performing the treatment, however, we recommend removing them when working close to the eye. It gets a lot of rubbing, especially if you dye the lashes afterwards.

    Not because it happens often, but it has happened that customers have accidentally opened their eyes during lash coloring and that the lens has then become discolored.

    How to do lash lift? (gradually)

    lash lift, lash lift, fringe permanent, eyelash permanent

    1. You start by cleaning the lashes and eyelids on dirt, makeup & mascara.
    2. After that, a coil is selected depending on what the customer's wishes and conditions are, ie. short or long lashes, more bend or less bend. There are many lash lift coils to choose from.
    3. The coil is applied as close to the French edge as possible.
    4. The lashes are glued to the selected spool with the help of a lash glue.
    5. When the lashes are in position, the first liquid that opens up the hair is applied. The duration of action may differ depending on French quality but approx. 5-15 minutes.
    6. After it has worked clearly, it is wiped off and another liquid is applied which then closes the hair and makes the fringe "get stuck" in the bent position. The duration of action may differ depending on French quality but approx. 5-15 minutes.
    7. When the closing liquid has worked clearly, wipe it off and then dissolve the glue that has stuck to the lashes on the spool and clean the area.
    8. If you want to color the lashes as well, this is done immediately after the treatment, because if you do it before, the permanent liquids can dissolve the color in the lashes.
    9. We always finish with a caring conditioner that is applied to the lashes at the end of the treatment.

    It is recommended to let the lashes rest for at least 24 hours after the treatment and not expose them to water, cleaning, rubbing or similar stress.

    Here you also see an older film on how it works:

    What does it cost and where can I do the lash lift?

    The price of lashlift varies depending on which salon you choose. Below I have listed prices for lash lift in a few different cities in Sweden.

    LashLift Uppsala

    The price is SEK 795 for only lashlift and SEK 895 with lash coloring as well.

    Book an appointment for a lash lift in Uppsala

    If you want to book an appointment for a lash lift in Uppsala, you can do so on my salon's website, Creative Makeup. Price on lashlift or any other treatment can be found on the page with, Price list - Fransar & Bryn.

    Our salon in Uppsala that performs lashlift

    Creative Makeup Uppsala

    LashLift Stockholm

    I can not recommend any specific salon in Stockholm that does lashlift, but with a quick googling these came up. I recommend reading reviews from previous customers and looking at each salon's Facebook page if you are interested in doing any treatment.

    The prices for a lash lift in Stockholm are around SEK 1,000 and vary depending on the salon and practitioner.

    Salons in Stockholm that perform lashlift

    Beauty Loft StockholmStockholm Lash Lounge / Beauty Lounge Stockholm

    (Note! Have not visited any of these so can not recommend them, it is only suggestions for some salons that perform the treatment in Stockholm.)

    LashLift Malmö

    I can not recommend any specific salon in Malmö that does lashlift, but these came up during my googling. If you want to do lashlift in Malmö, I recommend looking into the salon you want to visit on social media and check reviews and comments.

    The price for a lash lift in Malmö is between SEK 500 to SEK 1,500 and varies depending on the salon and practitioner.

    Salons in Malmö that perform lashlift

    Complete Beauty Malmö / Top to toe beauty & health / Aesthetics specialist Malmö

    (Note! Have not visited any of these so can not recommend them, it is only suggestions for some salons that perform the treatment in Malmö.)

    LashLift Gothenburg

    I have not been to Gothenburg and done lashlift so I can not recommend any specific salon in Gothenburg that does lashlift. However, I have found these salons, if you are going to do a lash lift in Gothenburg, I recommend checking out the salon's social media and reading reviews and comments from previous customers.

    Prices for lash lifts in Gothenburg range from SEK 500 to SEK 1,500 and vary depending on the salon and practitioner.

    Salons in Gothenburg that perform lashlift

    Aroma Studio / Beauty Boutique / EgoisteGBG

    (Note! Have not visited any of these so can not recommend them, it is only suggestions for some salons that perform the treatment in Gothenburg.)

    LashLift Jönköping

    I can not personally recommend any salon in Jönköping that does lashlift. However, I have found some salons that do lashlift in Jönköping, if you are interested in doing lashlift in Jönköping, I recommend that you look check social media for reviews and comments on the salon you intend to visit.

    The prices for lashlift in Jönkping differ depending on the salon and practitioners, depending on the salon, prices are between SEK 500 and SEK 1,500.

    Salons in Jönköping that perform lashlift

    I love Jönköping / Salon 5 Senses / Hudoteket Jönköping

    (Note! Have not visited any of these so can not recommend them, it is only suggestions for some salons that perform the treatment in Jönköping.)

    My lashlift review

    Had I not done so much step-by-step make-up in the blog, I would have had the lash lift evenly! But when the lashes are up, they are in the way when I have to show how I apply different eye shadows. It's going a little crazy :)

    That's why I usually do a lash lift when I have a holiday! Oh how luxurious it feels then!

    In addition, I have tattooed black lashliner (eyeliner light) and light inliner (along the waterline) as well, so when I do the lash lift, my eyes are so beautiful, so beautiful!

    lash lift transparent mascara unmade eyes permanent makeup tattooed eyeliner

    Here I have no eye makeup at all! Only base and lips.

    If I put on make-up, I usually apply a caring styling gel for the lashes, it becomes like a transparent mascara. Partly to give them a little shine but also to get rid of powder residues and things that end up on the lashes when I put on make-up.

    tattooed eyeliner, inliner, lash lift, lash color, cosmetic tattoo eyes

    Also read my other posts on Browlift / Brow Lamination and How to Save Failed Eyelash Permanent:

    There are also a few different brands for lashlifts, including LVL lashes and Yumi lashes. They may differ slightly but are largely the same treatment.

    Hope you got answers to all your questions about lashlift! Should it be the case that you have any questions or concerns that I could not answer, please comment below and we will solve it too! :)

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Jag gjorde lashlift en gång, men mina fransar blev inte nöjda efteråt. Sen testa vi igen, men dem blev fortfarande inte böjda. Varför?

      • Vissa fransar är mer svårböjda och kräver längre verkningstid, kan bero på det eller att salongen du gick till använder för svaga vätskor. Det finns många olika märken på lash lift så jag kan tyvärr inte svara med säkerhet – men vet att vissa kunder behöver längre verkningstid än andra :)

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