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    Painting a lashliner is a great trick that has many uses. Lashliner is simply that you mark the lashes by painting eyeliner between the straws and not just as a line above.

    narrow eyeliner hoodes eyes

    Lashliner can be used to…
    1. To make the eyelashes look fuller, which is nice on everyone but especially on people with sparse and thin eyelashes.
    2. To make the lashes look longer, people with short eyelashes get the illusion of even shorter lashes the wider the eyeliner they have.
    3. In order for the regular eyeliner you paint above to look more well-made and finished, without there being any space with skin color between the mascara and eyeliner.
    4. Instead of a regular eyeliner if you have small eyes, droopy eyelids or hooded eyes (a lot of skin above the eyelid, so that the eyelid is not visible / barely visible when you look straight ahead). If you have that, then you want to preserve as much space as possible on the eyelid to apply the eye shadow, so that you do not just see a black eyeliner when you look ahead.

    With and "without" lashliner. I have tattooed lashliner that I have tried to make up over now to get a good before-image, but the difference in the eyes would have been even greater without my tattoos.

    You can use black eye shadow, moisturized black eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara (on a brush) or eyeliner. It's a matter of taste. I use a slanted small makeup brush and a cake eyeliner.

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    Here's how I do it:

    step 1

    step 2





    lashlinerHere you see how the eyeliner will be - with and without lashines. Difference huh? :)

    Hope this was helpful!

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    Helena Amiley
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