Light or dark lips?

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    A while ago I showed you a matte brown sweep (in this post) which I supplemented with glossy, bright lips.

    However, the decision anxiety was total haha, light glossy lips or dark carpet? Both are so beautiful!

    So for fun I tested both :)

    In the last the post you will find the entire product list, but the dark pink lipstick I added now is also in my web shop - Suede Matte Crayon in the shade Rumor from the brand glo Skin Beauty!

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    I left the hair the same but a brown sweep can really vary extremely much depending on how you style everything around. For example. red lips and a tight knot!

    Maybe such a post would be fun to make at some point? Several different looks with the same eye makeup :)

    Would be fun to know which lip color you like best! Partly on me but also which one you had chosen for yourselves :)

    I noticed before (it was a long time ago though, so do not know if it is still so) that I usually got more likes on Instagram on my makeup pictures with bright lips. But that does not have to mean that people like bright lips more, it can be as simple as the eye make-up sticking out more in the pictures?

    I sometimes hear that I am photogenic, but I only have my certain angles that I always test and then after about 100 pictures I choose the 4 best and the rest is usually shit haha. Unreasonably bad even - considering that I'm probably taken a million pictures of myself since I started a makeup blog in 2010.

    That the angles would be the same in these pictures with light / dark lips was thus not planned even though it looks like that, I did not really intend to publish both but I came up with it afterwards. It's simply that I only have a few poses that I always do haha. I will never be good on cards if someone else takes pictures :)

    Once when I posted before and after image on a concealer or foundation or something, I got a comment that I edited the result because it was the same image before and after, although it was not I just looked exactly the same on all pictures haha.

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    Anyway! Have a nice day everyone !! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Likes dark eye make-up and light lips, thinks the expression becomes very hard with both. Would love to know your apricot favorite (lips, cheeks) and how to match eyes to it. Have discovered clarin's soft peach blush (expensive but very worth the only blush / blush that can call itself apricot) and would like tips on good matching products from you. / stina gothenburg

    2. I had chosen light lips due to not feeling comfortable in color. You are pig-looking in both and it is great to be able to vary depending on mood, occasion, other styling, etc.! But if you were only allowed to wear one of the make-ups forever, I would definitely have voted for it with dark lips, it's a little extra 👌

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