L'Oréal Paris - Color Riche Le Vernis à l'Huile

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    This week, L'Oréal Paris launched not only the new lipsticks I showed you a few days ago, but also brand new nail polishes in 20 different colors!

    I have received a home sample of 7 of the colors and thought to show them to you now :)


    First of all, how nice are not the nail polish bottles ?! ♥


    SEK 79 and is available at several of L'Oréal Paris' retailers, such as Åhlens, KICKS and H&M.

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    These nail polishes contain more pigment than L'Oréal's previous varnish, as well as moisturizing oil that moisturizes the nails.

    The brush is wide and very easy to paint with, and above all I love how the varnish spreads out and becomes really even and nice on the nails. A little gel effect I would almost say.

    The colors I have tested give a nice coverage after only one coat, in addition to the white varnish which needs two coats. If you take a very, very thin layer (which is good to do), you may need two layers of all for a completely even and intense color, but I have a layer of most.

    They dry quickly if you take a thin layer, but when I painted two layers on top of each other (the white color) I did not wait mega long in between, but also not unreasonably short time, but then it was soft for several hours and got ugly marks in sig. So make sure to paint thin and wait between all layers if you paint more, then it dries quickly :)

    When you paint the nails, it smells like classic nail polish, a little stronger even I can think. But when it dries, it smells like candy! Yummy! Did not know that the nail polish was perfumed like that, so I was very shocked by my fragrant hands that I walked around and sniffed later haha.

    Much like regular nail polish I would say, no wow durability with clearly approved.

    Summary - Two big thumbs up get the paint off me! The bottles are nice, the colors are great and the nail polish is even and really nice on the nails. Feels luxurious and with good quality, and yet really affordable :)


    My favorite is Rose Ballet :) ♥

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