False eye lash effect

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    At the event with Pür Minerals, there was a short discussion about mascaras with a false eyelash effect - what does that really mean?

    In fact, I have never reflected on it, but mostly just assumed that it is perfect lashes that are longer and more beautiful than your natural ones. Most people thought that it was a lot of length and separation and possibly volume as well, and I am prepared to agree with that.

    But there was one who said (do not remember who unfortunately) that false eyelash effect only means that the mascara reaches all lashes so that you have even lashes along the entire lash line, ie only from inner to outer corner of the eye. And it sounds very logical, on mascara descriptions it often says something like "length, volume and false eyelash effect" and not that the length and volume itself is the false eyelash effect.

    I have tried to google around on this but have not found a sure source of what is true and not, but you can have it in the back of your mind when you buy a mascara because you want a false eyelash effect - it may not stand for exactly the properties really looking for! :)


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