Lubricate the cuticles that are so easy!

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Conversation between me and Miska when we test a new cuticle oil:
(Miska's cuticles are super dry and cracked)

I - Get to see what they look like now, you probably have to lubricate again.
Miska - But vaaa, should I have to lubricate every day, every morning, every evening, every weekend !?
I - Yes three times a day! As yours looks anyway, it's good to prep them a lot in the beginning.
Miska - Peppa hahahaha! Come on cuticles !! You can not be dry ice anymore, kääämpaaa!
I - Prrreppa I said darling, not pepper!
Miska - What if they get TOO moisturized now! So moisture starts to flow from them all the time! … Then we have solved the problem in any case…

lubricate the cuticles

I try to have pli on him but it is not easy phase;)

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  1. I think it's a "kill thing" (I say and generalize roughly!) Because I have tried for several years to make my husband understand that you have to lubricate the skin more than ONCE a week to keep it moisturized during the winter. Hopeless!

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