Lumene Blueberry Long-wear Eyebrow Powder

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    One of Lumene's autumn news is an eyebrow shadow with two rather cool shades, I have tested it and thought to show you today! :)

    It is available on Kicks and Åhléns (though not on the websites yet) and costs SEK 139.


    You can use the colors separately or mix, but even the blondest probably need to mix in a little dark in the light because it is very, very light! Kind of like my skin color :) The dark one is not very dark either so nothing I recommend for you who prefer dark eyebrows, but that the light one is so light is only good because it is so easy to mix to a suitable color.


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    But I really like the shades themselves, many eyebrow products have a bit too warm tones, which usually does not look so natural on the face even if you have a warm hair color, but these are a bit more naturally colored and if you mix them you get a nice cendré shade ! So I did on my eyebrows :)


    I personally think that the powder is both good and less good, I have quite oily skin so I think it adheres well and lasts a long time! But when I test on the hand that is quite dry, it does not want to stick so well, and disappears quite easily as well. So in other words I have quite a hard time judging the product as I think it's a lot about the base.

    But the powder is smooth and easy to fade and work with! Perfect if you just want to fill in your brows a little extra and not change the shape noticeably, or as a complement to a brow pencil to get more faded edges :)


    As usual with products with the included application tools - I throw them away immediately. The brush is not good at all in my eyes, but better than nothing for you who are not so familiar with the makeup world and do not have so many brushes at home :)


    As you can see, it does not directly give a sharp result, but a good filling and a natural result anyway! :)

    Hope you have a wonderful Thursday, I myself will have a little quiet morning cuddle before I make up my sister and then myself! Tonight is finally the Blog Awards !! :)

    Hugs are!

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