Lumene Matt Touch Deep-cleansing Peat Mask

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    Here is the latest review of Lumene's new cleansing series Matt Touch which is adapted for oily skin, and the only product I have not written about though is the face mask ”Deep-cleansing Peat Mask”.

    I love face masks and the beautiful feeling afterwards, but you rarely really look in the mirror for and actually looks  the difference. But I did it with this one! So much so that I thought I was imagining and had to try again - and then it got even better!

    So it would be great fun if someone else who tests this writes how it went, because I am a little shocked myself that I got results so quickly and want to hear if there are more than me who got it :)

    (Is it just me who feels good in a face mask? I think it's because it highlights the eyes and mouth so nicely, haha)

    What the face mask does is remove extra fat and impurities from the skin and tighten the pores - and that was exactly what I saw the difference right away, the pores were much less visible! I was really clean and nice in the face afterwards, and the skin was soft and smooth. So happy! :)

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    The main ingredient in the mask is an Arctic mineral-rich peat that cleanses and gives the skin radiance thanks to its antibacterial properties. It improves the skin's blood circulation and metabolism. The mask also contains aromatic rosemary that opens the pores so that the peat's cleansing and antibacterial effect goes in and cleans deeply!


    The mask is easy to apply and the effect time is about 10 minutes and then the mask has dried. Rinse off with warm water.

    It says in the instructions that the mask can stick a little in the skin after you have applied it, but it was nothing I felt at all.

    I regret that I did not take before and after pictures before, I did not expect such a visible result. But I have close-ups of my pores before, and have not noticed any difference since I took them. So I can offer an old before-picture that should be correct, so you can compare with the new after-picture!

    When it comes to small details such as pores, there is often a difference that you only notice yourself, but of course it can be seen in the picture as well :)

    As I said, I have not tested the entire series for a long time but only once per product, but from what I can judge, I think this is a top series for you with oily and acne-prone skin!

    Available for purchase here <-

    Two thumbs up for this face mask in other words! :)


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    Helena Amiley
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