Lumene Natural Code Triple Shock Volume Mascara

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    Lumene has launched the new mascara, Natural Code Triple Shock Volume Mascara which has 2 mm synthetic fibers and natural waxes that build up the volume of the lashes.

    It costs 99kr and is only available on Lindex (I do not know if it is only temporary or if it will always be so).

    In my opinion, this is a great volume mascara, especially in that price range! If you are to compare with Fiberwig, which is also a fiber mascara, it feels like Fiberwig contains more fibers and dries faster. It's a matter of taste if the info was negative or positive :)

    You can work with the lumen's mascara for a while before it dries, and the fibers are not visible at all but you get a natural result.

    I like this mascara, although I actually prefer rubber brushes for my lashes, also a matter of taste. It lasts a long time without smudges or crumbs, and I absolutely think I got volume, length and separated lashes!

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    The mascara contains arctic plantain leaves that strengthen and protect the lashes and help to extend their growth cycle.

    Here are my lashes with mascara in different angles:

    I have not used eyelash curlers.

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
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