Lumenes new eye primer

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Lumene updates its eyeshadow primer ”Beauty Base Eyeshadow Primer"And I have put the new one to the test:)

* The packaging is a similar tube shape, although it has a new look. The "pipe" is a little narrower so you have to push a little harder to get the product out.
* The new primer has the same price (SEK 119) but contains 5 ml instead of 7 ml as the old tube did.
* The previous primer contained arctic lingonberries, this contains arctic cloudberries. 

By the way, I do not notice any differences at all in the content, the primer has the same color, the same consistency and the durability / result is just as good!

My first thought was that the new one feels a little thicker in texture, but I could not decide if it was imaginary or not. The primer from bra cosmetics that I use now is quite thin, so then it is not so strange that Lumenes suddenly feels thick. But after I inspected them for a long time, I did a blind test on the hand (Miska put a click of each without me seeing, and then I would say which one is the new one, and I guessed wrong haha) so in other words no noticeable difference at all on the content itself:)

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The primer is on Kicks and Åhléns.

Hug hug!

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