Lumene Nail Polish - Gel Effect (Review)

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    Here is my review of Lumene nail polish, gel effect. These nail polishes are available for purchase at e.g. (adlink).

    I am the experts' expert at destroying nail polish before it has time to dry, I have neither the time, patience nor desire to wait even if it goes pretty fast with most nail polishes.

    For the first time, however, I have succeeded, even though I painted while sitting in front of the computer (painted one hand at a time).

    Lumenes new nail polishes are absolutely superb!

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    Their old nail polish is removed from the range and replaced by new "gel effects" that will give the same results as salon nails. Although you do not need a UV lamp as with ordinary gel polish, but this is a regular nail polish with the positive parts of the gel polish, you could say.

    Lumene Nail Polish - Gel Effect (Review)

    Lumene Nail Polish - Gel Effect (Review)

    lumene gel effect

    These are available for purchase (adlink).

    First of all, the nail polish is very "flexible" and spreads over the nail, so there are no streaks or irregularities and you can even dab a little extra on just a part of the nail and the result is still even. I think wonderful, especially necessary now that my salon nails underneath have three stripes on them that bulge out a little from the nail. It does not look at all strange except when I paint other nail polish over - then the irregularities are visible. But this varnish even evens it out!

    The coverage is also reminiscent of gel polish, two coats and you have a perfect coverage with a very nice shine. The color is clear and nice and looks just like in the packaging. However, I added three coats to even out my salon nails underneath.

    And what I love most - it dries so fast! Many nail polishes get "dust dry" quickly, but then when you put on the jacket you have a notch in them all. But when these varnishes have dried, they are really dry, and it only takes a few minutes! Love!

    I can not review the durability of 100% myself, almost all nail polishes fit well on salon nails namely. But I painted the nails with Lumene varnish this Tuesday and they are still just as nice! Should ask the sisters with regular nails to test and see how it fits on them.

    Lumene Nail Polish - Gel Effect (Review)

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    Available for purchase at

    I have the shades Wild Strawberry (the coral red) and the dark purple Moonlit on the nails right now. Nice combo I think!

    So in other words, I can really recommend Lumene's nail polish - gel effect, they are available in 24 colors.

    Two thumbs up! 

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