Luxurious lip balm from Akademikliniken

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    I got the lip balm ”Pure Lip Intense”From Akademikliniken in a goodie bag this autumn, and I want to tell you about it now that many have dry and chapped winter lips this season! The lip balm is an intensive lip treatment that does not contain water, and is therefore nice on the lips even when it is minus degrees outside.

    The texture is extremely smooth and comfortable on the lips, not at all sticky or runny in any way and the lips become very soft! What I like most about the texture is that it is very good, you only need a little to get the nice smeared feeling and it is great if you do not want any visible shine at all, or if you want the lip balm under other lip makeup. You can also lubricate a little more and then the lips get a nice shine as well, but it is completely colorless.

    A little is a long way and therefore the product will also last a very long time, which is good because it is quite expensive, for my wallet in any case, it costs about 240 kroner for 15 ml. However, 240 well-invested kronor if you have dry lips and otherwise buy several packs of Lypsyl a month as many do;)

    The ingredients include soothing aloe vera, lightly exfoliated salicylic acid, nourishing vitamin E and protective avocado oil. In addition, it contains the antioxidant Sym3D which has a slight inhibitory effect on the breakdown of fat, and promotes the rebuilding of new fat cells, which during a longer period of use (about a month) gives a slight volume increase on the lips and thus makes them a little fuller! However, I have not used it so regularly that I can review the volume-giving effect.

    The lip balm has a fresh scent of mint, which I love! It feels healthy in some way, a bit like you have just brushed your teeth haha.

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    The packaging feels very elegant, luxurious, and practical, the nozzle is made of metal and is cold and nice to the lips. In addition, it is more hygienic than other lip balms that you have directly against the lip, pushing up the product means that there are less bacteria in the package and in addition, the metal is easy to wipe off. I do not know what the metal contains but I who am sensitive to metals (nickel and something more as I can get rashes even from nickel-free metals) have not noticed that the metal irritates in any way. And the cork even has a small plastic stick in it that goes down into the opening when the cork is on, so even if you have the lip balm in the bag and happen to press it, there will not be a lot of lip balm in the cork!

    In other words, I say two thumbs up! Akademikliniken Pure Lip Intense is available for purchase at, among other places HERE!


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