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    Oh do you want to know a funny thing? :)

    In March last year, that is, about a year and a half ago, I went to a press event with the Santhilea brand, which at that time was not in Sweden at all. Santhilea is the woman who founded the brand (which is named after her) and she is really super cute. I met her at the event and have also emailed her a little afterwards.

    What Santhilea wanted to do was create the perfect mascara, a mascara that gives a lot of length, volume, separation, and lasts all day without crumbling or smudging, and which is at the same time easy to wash off. And not only that, a mascara that also cares for the eyelashes. And she has really succeeded, I think!

    Magnetic Lash is the perfect fiber mascara for you who want really long eyelashes. The mascara can either be used individually as a regular mascara, or together with the included fibers (a sleeve on the side) which gives an effective length and fullness.

    I brought a mascara home with me after the event, and even though she said that some uses may be required before getting in the technology with how much fiber to have, etc., I was still very pleased with the result after the first time:

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    Difference huh? :)

    I wrote a review then, which you can read in the middle of over a year old blog posts if you are curious, and after a few months, Santhilea contacted me and asked if they could use my images in their marketing. And of course they got it!

    Several of you readers have actually seen these pictures and contacted me and asked if I know that they use my pictures, and I have therefore given my permission for this. But so is it the only the brand that has my permission, then you see my pictures elsewhere (without linking or otherwise referring to me) so they use the pictures illegally and then you are very welcome to contact me!

    But with Magnetic Lash, everything is as it should be, and since I like their mascara so much and have used it a lot (as you have probably seen you who read my makeup descriptions when I publish makeup), I have been eager to become a retailer yourself too.

    But unfortunately, Kicks has had exclusive rights to the sale so I have not been able to sell the mascara - until now! :)


    In other words - now Santhilea Magnetic Lash Mascara is also available! ♥

    In the picture above, you see the product stand that now stands nicely on the checkout counter in the store, and this is a nice picture:


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    Usually when people see a before and after picture, they immediately become skeptical and think of photoshop and all that, but my customers avoid it because I can directly say that it is my own eyes! :)


    This is no ordinary fiber mascara, because the most common is that the fibers are mixed directly into the mascara sleeve and then you can never vary how much / little fiber you want, or if one day you do not want fiber at all. But Magnetic Lash is a package with completely ordinary mascara (or it is not completely ordinary because it is completely cruel even alone) and then you get a sleeve on the side with black fibers!

    1. Apply mascara
    2. Apply the fibers (just right!)
    3. Apply mascara again, which is then based on the length and fullness thanks to the fibers.

    I have tested another brand that also has the fibers on the side, but they are white, which is not as good at all, because then you really have to apply a lot of mascara after the fibers so that the white is not visible. But the Magnetic Lash fibers are already carbon black so they are not visible on the lashes at all.

    The formula is water resistant (can withstand some water, but is not waterproof) and gives a really durable result, as the wax formulation makes the mascara last longer but is at the same time easier to wash off than many other mascaras. In addition, it nourishes and strengthens the lashes thanks to nourishing hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.

    Perfect mascara for both everyday and party in other words!


    The mascara brush is hourglass-shaped and gives a nice separation at the same time as you get full and long lashes.

    If you have some time, the mascara can be used in the same way as a regular mascara, you get long, fine and separated eyelashes with a few quick strokes with the brush, and get a result that lasts all day without smudges or crumbs. And when you want extra long lashes, either every day or just for festivities, you can easily supplement with the fibers.


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    And the fibers sit on a smaller brush and briefly look like black fluff.

    Do not apply too much of the Lash Builder fibers at once, instead apply several coats if you want more.

    Overconsumption of the fibers gives a very unnatural result, so do not stare blindly at the lashes becoming long and full, they should be nice too:) Rather start with a smaller amount, and then when you have used the mascara a few times you will learn how much that is appropriate.

    I have seen many pictures and reviews of people who overuse the mascara and the fibers, and there are several horror examples of furry spider legs that have gone into black gegga if you can express yourself so horribly;) !


    Perfect look - long lashes and dark lips!

    Here I have used Magnetic Lash Mascara with the fibers, and the lip pencil is actually the eyeliner Paese Linea Automatic Eyeliner (Plum Glam)

    IMG_7093_111 IMG_7069_111

    The mascara's packaging has an airtight seal to prevent the mascara from drying out. The mascara costs SEK 249 and contains 12 grams, which is a lot for a mascara, almost two mascaras in one if you compare with many other brands, so you get a lot for your money!

    click here to buy it on

    Shout out if you have any questions ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Wow seems absolutely fantastic! My problem is that I always have to use waterproof mascaras, otherwise I can forget curved and nice lashes .. Would have liked to try this, but it probably will not work for my lashes either: P

      • As I said, it is water resistant, but not completely waterproof. I feel that the shape of the lashes stays great all day :) Do you live near Uppsala? In such cases, feel free to stop by the store and try it out! :)

    2. Good god, what long lashes, it looks like you have loose lashes, I have to try it, but it may be difficult for us who have glasses.

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